Friday, December 28, 2012

Partial Index: SF Citybook

Okay, here's a look at the index for the upcoming SF Citybook. It's extremely incomplete, but it gives you an idea of how I want to break everything down. Over on the right is an awesome abstract map of the city I found online, and have been referring to constantly. I actually emailed the artist to ask if I could license it for the book, I like it that much.

In other news, I'll be getting Shane O'Conner to do a professional editing pass on all the stat blocks in the Lifer Army Book, which is great. I'll be referring to this book throughout 2013 and beyond, as it will be one of the definitive 'monster books' of the setting, so having perfect statblocks for it is definitely a good thing. I'm also talking to one of the fans of the setting about him possibly writing a sourcebook of his own for Otherverse America. If that happens it'll definitely be interesting, letting others play in my setting and taking an editorial rather than a primary author role.

Anway, enjoy a very, very preliminary first look at San Francisco, circa 2107.

Aradia’s Isle
The Aradian Crypts
Aradian Wineries and Breweries
The Fairy Bridge
Womb of Heroes
Woven Circle Council Chambers

Berkley District
UC Berkley

The Bat Market
Chang-Sing Palace
Consolidated Six Bio-Medical
Year of the Panda #13445

Financial District
Stonecutter Consulate
Transamerica Pyramid
            Sublisted Bastian Cultural Sites
            Sublisted Megacorps

Foxjoy Circle
AIDS Memorial
Alehouse Row
Engineered Chimera
Soft Palace: Helix Shooting Houses

Hunter’s Point Enclave
The Barricades and the DMZ
CAPA Customer Service
Checkpoint Baby
Christian Bounty Farmer’s Market
Grave of Those Unchosen
Haunted Corner
Red Reindeer Arms
Rescue Mission Gospel Church
            Sublisted Lifer Businesses

New Sutro Tower

Pacific Heights
Tankhill Park
Women’s Community Health Center
            Sublisted Choicer Shops

The Presidio
The Algard Assembly Hall
The Battery
The Campus
Earth Guard Barracks and Midwife’s Apartments
Golden Gate Freeway
Lifer-ville Live Fire Area
            Sublisted Schools and Academies

Rhinehart Tower
            Sublisted Shops and Tenants

Sanger Tower/Fluxing Brenna Medical Center

The Sunset District: Kassa Veltawinne
Alchemy 2204B
The Court of Candles
Nathal Restaurant
Line Works Design Offsite 1
Memorial Whispering
The Procyon Crèche

The San Francisco Zoo
Xenological Wing

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