Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Francisco Citybook

Okay, over on the right is a mock up of the San Francisco 2107 cover. The foreground image is a shot of three Choicer heroes (left to right, a Gardnerian knife fighter, Lady Sylvia Moondark, a politician, and an Asatru clinic defender) by Amanda Webb. The background image is a shot of the city of San Francisco itself by Felipe Gaona. I may swap the background for a new image in the final product, or leave the cover like this.

What I've decided is that I will combine my two projects into one larger and more impressive book. The Choicer Player's Guide will become part of the San Francisco citybook, as many of the concepts in the Choicer PG directly reference concepts found in the Citybook. So consider this an awesome campaign guide, filled with about a 180 pages of content, split roughly down the middle between fluff and crunch.

I'll preview some more stuff for San Francisco 2107 over the next few days. I'm also still working on the Space Monsters series of PDFs and have finished off the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game stock art bestiary that's an outgrowth of that series. I've named the fantasy bestiary "The Nemesis Bestiary". Expect the Nemesis Bestiary and Space Monsters V3 in a couple of days, along with a Free20 weapons book for Galaxy Command. While I'm waiting on the last art for San Francisco 2107, I'm playing around with Black Tokyo Unlimited and with Space Monsters V4, which will probably be the biggest of the Space Monster books to date.

In other news, Amanda is starting her own web comic- she's got the better part of two chapters finished, so she's got a good backlog of material once her comic goes live. As soon as it does, I'll post a link. I've also contributed a short 'fill-in' script for her comic, which we'll see sooner or later, and I'm working together with her on a mid-length citybook/campaign guide for Pathfinder, focusing on the characters and setting of her comic.

Also, I just got my income tax return back, and I'm really enjoying that. So all in all, it's been a decent spring, with lots of releases to show for it.

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