Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Preview Art: Amanda Webb, The Choicer Player's Guide

Hey, I'm back at work. Over the last couple of weeks, I've sent three volumes in the Space Monster series to Mark, and I'm working right now on a fantasy version of the concept, using nothing but stock art to illustrate a monster manual. Right now, all the Space Monster PDFs are in the 20 page range, each describing 10 different monsters a piece, ranging from CR 1/2 Tribble analouges to CR 18 "Space Gods". The fantasy monster book will probably be a little larger, with at least 15-20 monsters with a similar range of Challenge Ratings.
I'll post some more previews of stock art monsters later, but today is all about new art. Here's some previews of Amanda Webb's artwork for the upcoming Choicer Player's Guide. 

Up top we have a depiction of a sacred prostitute/ living genetic engineering suite from the Hours of Weret Hekau subfaction of the Bastians. That lovely Transformers-styled mecha in the background is her bodyguard. I really dig the texturing Amanda did on the sarong and the body paint on the woman, which is reflected in the mecha's paint job.

 After that, we have an inked image of a pair of Asatru soldiers in a more relaxed moment. If you look really closely, you'll see some ghost images from the far side of Amanda's sketchbook, but that's easy to fix just by playing with the contrast, and don't be apparent in the finished, colored image. As I requested, the gave the Asatru a look that combined modern military gear with vaguely Nordic designs.... and has one of 'em reading a Thor comic.

The final image depicts a new character for the setting, the enigmatic Red Riding Hood. She is a mastermind that's shaped Choicer society from behind the scenes from the beginning, and is the superspy/terrorist Choice's mentor and chief backer.

She is also very loosely based on a real person.... in the fiction I've taken Marjorie Cameron's 'creation' in the Babylon Working as fact, and made her the very first "Philosophy created" person, a sort of distant ancestor of the Neverborn and Dreamborn Mau.

She's going to be a fun one to write.
Anyway, more previews later,

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Mandapandarawks said...

Whoa, I better check my monitor settings! I didn't even realize the ghost image was on that sketch, whoops!