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Heavy Future Villiany: The Cyberpunk Rocker

One of the things I'm working on is a sequel to my overwhelmingly popular and well reviewed monster book: The Nemesis Bestiary, which is illustrated purely with stock art. On the sequel I wanted to repurpose some of the art I've comissioned for other artwork into new critters for the book. For example, Amanda Webb's illustration of the Ubasti from Otherverse America will become a new magical beast called a Selenic Panther in Nemesis Bestiary II. I can't do that with alot of Otherverse America artwork since the illustrations are so setting specific. If I want to reuse a Lifer or Choicer soldier, for example, I have to get creative... as shown by this new monster.

The original illustration depicted a cybernetic Lifer terrorist, by Vic Shane.Take a look at what ELSE I did with that artwork....

Cyberpunk Rocker (CR 5)
Medium Chaotic* Monstrous Humanoid (cyborg)
*equally likely to be Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil, but CE is the hottest, because crazy is always kinda hot
XP 1,200
Init +3             Senses Darkvision 90 ft, lowlight vision, wifi/cellular/television and radio reception, Perception +7        
Languages Galactic Common, English

AC 16 Touch 10 Flatfooted 16 (+6 natural)
HP 6d10 + 12 hp (45 HP)
FORT +6 REF +7 WILL +1
Immune Cyborg Immunities (drowning, hunger, suffocation, thirst, vacuum, the sickened and nauseated conditions, death effects, ability drain, energy drain)

Spd 40 ft
Melee +9/+4 mwk dagger (1d4+3 slashing, 19-20/x2)
Ranged +9/+4 Death Falcon Rocker (2d8 sonic, 20/x2, 50 ft range increment, single shot, 6 internal cell)
            Or +14 Perform check as a full round action rather than a Ranged Attack Roll
Special Qualities Famous Monsters of Fuckywood T-Shirt, Take It All Off!, Unhealing

Str 15 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 14
Base Atk +6 CMB +8 CMD 21
Feats Catch Off Guard, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (rocker), Personal Firearms Proficiency, Skill Focus (perform), Simple Weapons Proficiency
Skills Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +7, Perform (rocker) +14, Stealth +10
Gear Death Falcon Rocker, masterwork dagger, sexy Famous Monsters of Old Fuckywood concert tee, miniskirt without underwear, Guitar God’s Gloves

Environment any urban (underground concert halls, drug dens and the occasional cyber-strip club)
Organization solitary or accompanying a rowdy bunch of galactic garage rockers, drug dealers, petty criminals and other scum
Treasure standard (including usable cyber-components scavenged from her body)

Special Abilities
            Famous Monsters of Fuckywood T-Shirt (SU)
            The Cyberpunk Rocker loves her concert tee, and has an entire closet of similar t-shirts. Each shirt bears a one word description of a famous Fuckywood monster (and the title of one of the band’s albums. Concert dates and locations are on the back. Depending on which t-shirt she’s wearing, the Cyberpunk Rocker gains one of the following benefits. This is a property of the Cyberpunk Rocker and her stalkery devotion to the band, not the shirt itself….though the Rocker would argue otherwise.

            It should be “Monster” but everybody just calls the fucker Frankenstein, including the band. The Cyberpunk Rocker gains a 25% chance to ignore critical hits or sneak attacks, as if she possessed the light fortification feature.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker can become ethereal as a swift action for up to two rounds. This ability is usable once per encounter.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker gains a 40 ft Swim speed and a +8 enchantment bonus to Swim checks.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker gains the following spell-like ability (CL 4th – Concentration +6). 1x/day – Vampiric Touch (DC 15)

The Cyberpunk Rocker gains the Scent special quality and inflicts +2 damage with her dagger.

            Take All It Off! (SU)
            As a move equivalent action, the Cyberpunk Rocker can rip off her shirt, destroying it. Doing so reveals her beautiful metal tits, providing her with the following benefits. These benefits last for the duration of the encounter.
  • +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class
  • Increase base land speed to 50 ft
  • The Cyberpunk Rocker can make one additional dagger attack per round, at her full base attack bonus.

Unhealing (EX)
            The Cyberpunk Rocker does not heal damage naturally, and healing spells and effects only have half the normal effect when used to benefit her.

Hot chromed out bitch, dressed in sexy fetish club gear. Full cyborg conversion never looked so good. She’s hiding those fine titanium-alloy titties behind a Famous Monsters of Fuckywood concert tee. She’ll show ‘em off when the band goes into a guitar solo (or if she starts getting really pissed off in combat). Or if she needs to get into a club and the bouncer likes mecha. Or if she’s getting free drinks or cyber-maintenance. Or if things are too quiet and she wants to start some trouble with Command law enforcement. Or if…..

            The Cyberpunk Rocker is pretty crazy, at least as far as her devotion to her favorite death metal band goes. She’s killed people and stolen starships to get to gigs in out of the way places. She’s a decent guitarist herself, wielding a Death Falcon Rocker modeled on one the band’s lead guitarist uses on stage.

When it comes times to throw down, she pulls a knife out of her boot and goes to work, hacking away maniacally, though she really prefers to unleash sonic-blast solos on her rocker. If she can’t get to her dagger or rocker, she’s got no compunctions about bashing somebody upside the head with an amp. In fact, she usually starts the fight. If somebody pisses her off (especially by insinuating that Famous Monsters’ older stuff was better) she usually settles the dispute with a beer bottle to the temple.

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