Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Update

Sorry for the lack of posts in December.

I've found a new civilian job, but the hours are a bit of a grind, and I've not had alot of time to update the blog. I'm getting decent hours, but I'm not particularly satisfied with the job. However, there's not much point to trying to find anything better during the holidays. So I plan to wait things out, and go job hunting again after the first of the year.

In the meantime, I've produced several shorter PDFs, all of which will be up on RPGNow soon.

Erobots Unmasked is a 60 pager John Picot and I collaborated on. It dramatically expands the Erobots from Heavy Future, gives them a ton of depth and culture, and some new enemies.

After that, I did a couple of Pathfinder fantasy PDFs using only stock art (or art I'd purchased earlier this year). If you like the True Halflings I did last year, you'll like the upcoming True Elves PDF, which is a 20 pager that takes Elves back to their literary roots.

I also finally did something with the excellent artwork Amanda Webb provided me, depicting several Sectaurs-styled heroes and their companion insects. The result is a 20+ page new race sourcebook entitled The Mantids. Contrary to my initial plans, I didn't have enough content to create a full, Sectaurs style campaign world, but I did have enough to produce a really kick ass race splat.

In other news, after a very long delay, I'm finally getting the last art for Closed: Monsters of the Army of God for Otherverse America. Awesome, we can finally expect to see that bad boy, which I had scheduled for the beginning of this year, at the beginning of the next. Of course, I still might add some more content to the book before its released, because in the year its' been on the shelf, my writing style and frankly system mastery of the PFRPG has improved.

Upcoming releases for the new year include The Black Tokyo Advanced Guide, which I want to be as large and impressively illustrated as Black Tokyo Unlimited, and offer tons of new options, some of which I've already spotlighted here.

The loss of my Whataburger job has hurt me financially (and to a lesser degree emotionally, I suppose,I was with those assholes 5 years) and has delayed some things. Had things ran more smoothly, I might have already been gathering art for Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide and a few other books. So expect a few more smaller PDFs, illustrated with stock art, to start out the new year. These quick, cheap PDFs will help me rebuilt the revenue base I use to illustrate my bigger, more complex works.

Anyway, I'll put up another update in a couple days,

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