Friday, March 7, 2014

Some Good News: Reproductive Rights and Bionics

Okay, I saw a few stories this week that would fall under the heading of good news.

First, in an age where the assholes are using TRAP (targeted restriction of abortion provider) laws to close clinics all over (including the one remaining clinic in Corpus Christi, TX, earlier this year) a new clinic, offering pretty comprehensive health care opens in Buffalo, NY (Which is a place with its own history of anti-abortion violence, so stay safe....)

Second, I'd been following California's increase in abortion access since the beginning of the year, but this story is a good summary of events, and sorta tangentally related to the first.

Just saw this next piece on a tech blog. A drummer loses one of his arms in an accident, and finds a way to hack his prosthetic to perform a new kind of music. Very cool.(Though I wonder if the 'biotic' arm in the headline was a typo, or if the author was first exposed to sci-fi concepts like bionics via Mass Effect?)

Finally, on one of the toy blogs I follow, I saw this: 3D printed custom action figure components that can either plug into existing Marvel Legends or Masters of the Universe style bodies, or be used as standalone creations. If I ever get a large chunk of discresionary income, I want to contact 'Strangefate', the creator of these pretty little toys and see if I can get a custom Julie Riddle built off Alejandro Garcia Palomeres cover art to Otherverse America.

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