Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ultimate Psionics

Okay, on Monday of this week, I got my print copy of Ultimate Psionics, and I've been exploring it all this week. First, the book is HUGE- on the order of 500 pages of very dense new crunch, so while I haven't found all the intricacies of Dreamscarred Press' psionics system yet, I'm loving what I have seen.

I think I mentioned before I was planning on revising Psi-Watch in line with Dreamscarred's psionic rules, because these rules have become sort-of 'official by default', and have become industry standard among third party Pathfinder-compatible gaming companies. A lot of the third party campaign settings I enjoy the most, Cerulean Seas and Obsidian Twilight among them, heavily reference these rules, and I think I'm limiting Psi-Watch's accessibility and popularity by continuing to use a non-standard psionics system.

Plus I haven't really put enough love into that setting, so time to do something new and fun with it. Psi-Watch has languished a little, especially compared to the attention I've devoted to Otherverse America, Black Tokyo and now, Heavy Future.

I've already thought of ways to integrate the Ultimate Psionics content with the early Image Comics flavor I built Psi-Watch around originally: some ideas off the top of my head include congnisence ID cards rather than crystals, psi-powered body armor, Caitlin Fairchild (Gen 13) as an Elan, the Nanosculptor advanced class (originally intended as a homage to Warren Ellis' Engineer) reworked as an Aegis class archetype, a STR-based rather than DEX-focused and speed focused variant Xeph race which would allow you to build big proud alien warrior dudes like Combat (Youngblood)....

As I did with the Black Tokyo Unlimited revision, I think I'll first put out a comprehensive and completely modernized race sourcebook, than dive into the campaign guide. I've already done some preliminary work updating some of the setting's player races and bringing them in line with both Pathfinder and Ultimate Psionics. I'll post a preview in a few days of some of my favorites.

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