Thursday, September 18, 2014

These are the creatures that are going to kill your Black Tokyo PCs... and probably do worse things, too.

Here's the simplest possible preview of what I'm currently working on, a summary chart listing all the monsters that will be gracing an upcoming bestiary for Black Tokyo. This book is going to be modeled on Closed: Monsters of the Army of God, in that it consolidates all the existing monsters from various BTU sourcebooks, updates them fully to Pathfinder, and introduces dozens upon dozens of new threats.

This is NOT a complete list. I'm still working on the monsters. Current plans are to finally stat out the Ubume Empress, who I've mentioned as a major player in several Black Tokyo sourcebooks, as well as include more Eyrines Sisterhood NPCs, a monk or two of the Moonlit Monestary, and other factions. I also want to include at least one NPC of every BTU player race, even the ones I've not done Expanded Race sorucebooks on, like the Tanuki and Doujinishi, among others. I might not get to every race, as I already have plans in mind for BTU Bestiary II next year, but I want to include at least a few options for everybody.

I also noticed that most of the threats are either low/mid level or epic level. There's only one or two critters for CRs 10-20 at each challenge rating and I want to firm up the mid/high level threat roster.

Enough preamble. Take a look at the critters!
Expect some art previews in the next day or two.

Challenge Rating
Size, Type and Subtypes
Core Concept
CR 5
Large CE Plant
Bloodthirsty plant demon
CR 10
Medium LE Undead (evil, law)
Greed driven undead billionaire

CR 2
Small N Magical Beast
Clever sharp-clawed scavenger
Animated Object:
CR 4
Medium N Construct
Rapacious, animated examination bed
Animated Object: Love Pillow
CR 2
Small N Construct
Animated body pillow that preys on the otaku community
Animated Object: Purikura Booth
CR 5
Large N Construct
Animated photo booth with an electrical punch
CR 2
Tiny NE Magical Beast
Ghost bird that foretells death
Asami Kumo
CR 17
Medium NE Monstrous Humanoid (Dark POETICA) Rogue 12/ Assassin 4
Sadistic head of security for the New Day Girl Factory
CR 6
Medium CE Undead
Birdlike devourer of fetuses
CR ½
Small CE Monstrous Humanoid (aquatic)
Pathetic, beach dwelling minor oni
Baby Sister Ryoko
CR 7
Small LN Fey (Nikusi)
Rogue 8 
Immortal, shotgun wielding little girl who murders pedophiles
CR 18
Gargantuan CE Undead (water)
Burning ghost whale
CR 2
Medium LN Undead
Relentless zombies
Bio-Machine Ooze
CR 11
Huge CN Ooze
Machine devouring industrial accident
Black Car                             
CR 6
Large CE Construct
A demonic automobile
Black Teacher
CR 9
Medium LE Outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar)
Demonic tormentor and child rapist that hides among unsuspecting students
Blue Collar Kami
CR 2
Medium LN freeter Outsider (Kami, native, law) Expert 4
Working class minor diety
Breath of the Onsen
CR 4
Huge N Ooze (air, fire, incorporeal)
Scalding ghost-fog that stalks hot spring resorts
Bunraku-66 POETICA
CR 10
Medium LN Monstrous Humanoid (POETICA) Fighter 11
Military grade POETICA
Catgirl Sorceress
CR 5
Medium NG Humanoid (Nekomusume) Sorceress 6
Beautiful, arcane protector of catgirls
Combined Fleet Gunner
CR 7
Medium LN or LG Combined Fleet Monstrous Humanoid (POETICA) Ranger 5/ Assault Witch 3
Devil hunting airplane-girl
Connoisseur of Woman Flesh
CR 12
Medium LE Outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar)
Pre-teen devil with a gleeful hunger for the cooked flesh of human women
Corpse Gallows
CR 14
Huge NE Undead
Animate gallows that prowls Aokigahara Forest
Corrupted Marine
CR 3
Medium CE Monstrous Humanoid
A US Marine possessed by the Revered Shogun and made a horror
Daibutsu Guardian
CR 14
Gargantuan LG Construct
Gigantic Buddha statue that animates to protect the faithful
Dakiniten Intern

CR ½
Medium CG noble Outsider (native, good, kitsune) Dedicated 1
Skillful fox attorney working for Saga Prefecture’s free legal aid clinic
Devil Vigilante
CR 13
Medium CN Humanoid (Half Orc) Barbarian 1, Rogue 1 Hentai Hero 12
Winged hunter of demons and the undead
The Dofuku (Sada Abe)
CR 15
Medium LE Undead (Goryohime)
Lost geisha who now creates and manipulates Goryohime for her own enigmatic purposes
Doll Maker Ooze
CR 13
Huge N Ooze
Golden ooze that digests a corpse and leaves behind a sex doll
Enigma Clan Fox
CR 4
N Medium ninja Fey (Kitsune, shapechanger) Rogue (occult thief) 5
Modern Kitsune ninja, expert in occult espionage
Eto, the Ironpot Oni
CR 6
Large CE Outsider (Ironclub Oni, Native) Barbarian 6/Summoner 1
Hulking oni who will buy inconvenient corpses for sale as cut-rate meat
Eyrines Sister
CR 5
Medium LG or LN Human Monk 6
Feminist monk sworn to protect all women
Familiar, Child
CR ½
Small N* Human
A magically adept child serving as a familiar
Familiar, Heart Plush
CR 1/3
Small N Construct
Stuffed familiar
Familiar, Hitotsume-Kozo
CR 1/3
Small NG Fey
Clever one eyed fey spirit
Familiar, Kamaitachi
CR ½
Tiny CN Magical Beast
Fast and nasty tiny predator
Familiar, Panty Fairy
CR 1/3
Tiny N Fey
Sarcastic little fairy familiar
Familiar, Penguin
CR 1/4
Small N Animal
A smarter bird than you’d expect
Familiar, Pooplet
CR 1/3
Tiny N Ooze
Friendly shit ooze
Familiar, Sankai
CR 1/3
Tiny NE Undead
Miscarried ghost familiar
Familiar, Spark Fox
CR 1/2
Tiny N Magical Beast (electricity)
Clever, electrically charged vulpine
Familiar, Teru Teru Bozo
CR 1/4
Tiny NG Undead (air, water)
Benevolent ghostly rain spirit
Familiar, Zashiki-Warashi
CR 1/2
Small NG Fey (earth)
Childlike house kami
Feral Nekomusume
CR ½
Medium CN Humanoid (Nekomusume) Warrior 2
Street-living catfolk
CR 3
Medium CN Monstrous Humanoid (Dark POETICA) Barbarian 4
Machine slave gone rouge, powered by machine absorbing regenerative capabilities
Genbu (creature skin)
CR 29
Colossal NE Magical Beast
The Black Tortoise of the North
Goro Akabeko
CR 8
Large LE Monstrous Humanoid
Minotaur-like founder of the Twelve Golden Amakaze faction
Goryohime Summoner
CR 2
NG Medium Gyaru Undead (Goryohime) Summoner 3
Young Goryohime adventurer accompanied by a living mannequin
H Child
CR 8
Small NE Fey
False child that seduces mortal children into victimization by pedophiles
CR 8
Medium CE Undead
Undead murderess with prehensile hair
Hibagon Oni
CR 3
Large CE Monstrous Humanoid
Rapacious giant
Hidari Body
CR 1
Small NE Construct
Living latex torso sex-doll
CR 11
Large CE Undead (fire)
Heartless pyrokinetic giant
Hyakki Yokai Bargirl
CR 2
Medium CN Monstrous Humanoid (Hyakki Yokai, chaotic) Bard 3
Hundreds of tiny yokai wearing a woman suit and scamming drunks in disreputable bars
CR 18
Medium CE Outsider (chaotic, earth, Kitsune)
The darkest part of the Kitsune Goddess Inari’s soul has taken on a life of his own
CR 1
Small CE Undead
The undead clothes of a murder victim
CR 30
Medium NE Undead (evil, fire)
The first undead; queen of Hell
CR 7
Large CN Undead
Jellyfish like ghost  of an aborted fetus
Jurogumo ( creature skin)
CR 9
Medium CE Outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Venomous spider whore
Kaiju, The Biwa Centipede
CR 23
Colossal CE Vermin (Kaiju)
Impossibly long centipede slumbering in an ancient lake
Kaiju, Vitruvian Walker
CR 28
Colossal CE Monstrous Humanoid (Kaiju)
Flayed giant who gives birth to Tottori Horrors and spreads disease and madness
CR 5
LE Medium Monstrous Humanoid
Blind gunslinger servants of the Amakaze
Kitsune-Kiiroi Rapist
CR 5
CE Medium burakumin Fey (Kitsune, shapechanger) Combatant 6
Pack-hunting sex criminals
CR 8
Large N Construct
Stone lion guardian
Little Witch
CR ½
Medium NG Human Adept 2
Pre-teen spellcaster in training
CR 2
Medium LG or LN Humanoid (Nekomusume) Rogue 3
Irritating twin catgirl assassins
CR 12
CE Medium Undead (Goryohime)
Inhumanly beautiful and cold model returned from the dead to feed upon Goryohime
Dr. Jiro Momonjii (False Form)
CR 10
Medium LE Human Expert 12
Dispassionate father of the POETICA species
Momonjii (True Form)
CR 22
Huge LE Outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Dark, misogynic demon-god
CR 20
Large LE Monstrous Humanoid
Corrupted warrior who controls animals
CR 6
Medium CN Outsider (fire, water)
Woman made of boiling salt water
Occult Delinquent
CR 1
Medium NE Monstrous Humanoid (Yurei) Warrior 3

Brutal supernatural street kid
Oni-Marrow Elite
CR 7
Medium LE or LN Human Fighter 4/ Hentai Hero 4
Cruel, elite soldiers of the Amakaze, armed with cutting edge gear and the will to use it
Personified Gun
CR 1/2 
Medium LN Human Fighter 1
First level human fighter created by the Personify Gun spell
POETICA Hacktivist
CR 3
Small NG POETICA Smart Hero 3/Techie 1
Elite android computer hacker who could pass for 8 years old
Ramat Sect Warrior-Girl
CR 5
LG Medium Goryohime Hentai Hero 6
Seriously hardcore undead demon hunter
Rape Pure Fighter
CR 8
Medium LE Humanoid
Brawler in a sexual blood sport
Rape Pure Vermillion Futanari
CR 10
Large CE Monstrous Humanoid
Half female oni brawler who revels in sexual violence against women
Ren Waita, Akaname Modern Spellcaster
CR 6
Medium LN Undead (Akaname) Modern Spellcaster 7
Conservative and self interested Akaname mage and potion brewer
Reos, Neko Barbarian
CR 10
Medium CN Nekomusume Barbarian 11
Dimwitted, violent alpha male Neko of the Nekoshima colony
CR 8
Medium NE Undead
Long necked undead that tempts victims to suicide by hanging
Sakura, Kitsune Sorceress
CR 8
CE Medium ninja Fey (kitsune, shapechanger) Sorcerer 9
Rapacious trickster/cultist of Inari-Kiiroi
CR 6
Large CE Outsider (evil)
Seductive snail woman
CR 25
Colossal CE Monstrous Humanoid (giant, fire)
Kaiju-sized embodiment of anti-Japanese bigotry
CR 4
Medium N Ooze
Ooze made out of acidic cum
CR 3
Medium CE Undead
Failed Goryohime returned to life as a monster
Skinless Yakuza
CR 5
Medium LE Undead
Skinflaying undead swordsman
Slave Holder Mansion
CR 20
Colossal NE Construct
An intelligent mansion that uses illusions and cruel tortures to corrupt its inhabitants
Stalking Washlet

CR 4
Medium CN Construct (water, Pleasure)
Animated toilet that uses lethal and pleasurable water jets on victims
Dr. Sukakagi

CR 12
Medium CE Human Modern Spellcaster 13
Nutjob mad scientist who bred the first catgirls
CR 1
Small LE Outsider
Monkey-like protectors of travelers
Taru Tsuyoi
CR 14
Medium CE Humanoid (human)
Billionaire hiding a savage nature
TBMS Catcher
CR 3
Medium LE Human
Professional killer of cat-girls
TBMS Gasser
CR 6
Medium LE Monstrous Humanoid
Walking gas chamber
Teke Teke
CR 5
Small LE Undead
Shredded corpse of a teenage girl with a deadly scythe for an arm
Tottori Horror
CR 15
Colossal CE Aberration
Gigantic, highly violent enigma
Ubume Empress

Ukemochi Cattle Girl
CR 1/3
Medium N Monstrous Humanoid (anthro: taurus) Expert 1
She’ll be slaughtered soon, and is looking forward to the day…
Urban Akaname
CR 1
Medium CN Undead (Akaname) burakumin Rogue 2
Highly skilled shit-fetishist and cat burglar
CR 7
Medium LE Outsider (devil, evil, law)
Hellish soldiers
Valentina A
CR 16
Medium CE Monstrous Huanoid (Scratch Built POETICA) Summoner 14
Techno-necromancer and her Eidolon lover, who will destroy the Factory or die in the attempt
Wet Hell Taxi
CR 8
Huge NE Aberration
Monster disguised as a taxi cab that feeds on the shit (and souls) of pretty commuters

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