Monday, February 16, 2015

Update on Projects, and Otherverse America 2.0 BEGINS!!!!!!

Okay, short post before I head off to work tonight.
This evening will be the first 11 pm - 7 am shift I work now that I'm done with the training period at my job. Wish me luck, and hopefully it'll be a quiet night.

Well, this weekend, I bought some household goods, including new sheets, towels, ect, as well as this latest Bombshell figure. He's on my shelf beside my G1 Bombshell, and I refer to the pair as my Bombshell Brothers now. Neat little figure.

So what's coming up? Well, I'm just waiting on the last artwork for Black Tokyo: Electric Town, and have begun gathering artwork for Battlechangers: Ironworks, as I'm referring to the Pathfinder compatible racebook.

Also, last night I started the first efforts towards making Otherverse America a fully modern-magic, completely Pathfinder-based setting. More details later, but even the initial efforts are proving promising, and I'm cleaning up some things.



Andrew Antolick said...

So what will happen to all the high tech material, will it be slid into the heavy future setting?

Will the Lifechain Milky way galaxy still exist in the new setting?

What is the overview for the new setting?

Andrew Antolick said...

Almost forgot, will the all the high tech stuff be able to work with the battle changers, such as using object philosophies or be a blend of Coven Guard and Ghost of babies past prestige classes?

Chris A. Field said...

All the high tech books will continue to be usable for all my campaign worlds and for sci-fi gaming in general. Heavy Future uses them just as much as Otherverse America or Psi-Watch.

BTW, I think I'll be doing more Psi-Watch work, due to some emails from fans, and some awesome art John Picot just sent me.

The Lifechained galaxy material will continue to be revelevant, though I might tweek some of the details of various races introduced in the Guide to the Known Galaxy, and a few of the less story-vital and popular races might get abandoned.

Everything I do will be compatible with Battlehcangers: Ironworks when it comes out.