Monday, May 11, 2015

Answers for Andrew: Otherverse Numenera

Andrew had some questions in the comments of the last post that I wanted to answer here.

First off Andrew, thanks for the kind words on Battlechangers: Ironworks. It was definitely a labor of love. And when it finally comes out, expect Battlechangers: Multiverse and the eventual Battlechangers: Generation Two stand-alone RPG to be even more kickass. I plan to support the hell out of this race, and I'll be including content in support of these guys sporadically throughout my signature campaign settings.

Andrew asked if Battlechangers with a Primitive alt-mode could take on a magical beast form. I didn't include this option in the book, because I wanted to model Primitive alt-modes on existing Pathfinder spells, like Beast Shape and Form of the Dragon. There's not a  low/mid level spell that cleanly allows shapeshifting into a magical beast, until you hit the Polymorph spells. However, if you want to take on the form of something like a Chull or a Displacer Beast for your alt-mode, that is awesome, and you're awesome. I'd say have the character pay the 3 Shannix premium as if picking up the Monstrous Primitive Alt-Mode quality and go for it.

The tech book, which will be print on demand (POD) when it comes out is going to be tentatively titled Technology Unleashed. I'm working on it right now and should have something to send to Mark later in the week. It consolidates existing content with some new content added. I'm not adding a ton of new special materials, just because to me as a designer, keeping track of a bunch of exotic metals and the like adds complexity without adding much fun.

Finally, Andrew asks an unusual question: Will I ever publish a conversion for Otherverse America to the Numenera system (Monte Cook Games). Which is an awesome question from a guy with a Rifts avatar, because Numenera has that same beautiful craziness the best Rifts soucebooks have. Seriously, the Numenera Bestiary is one of the best RPG books (hell, one of the best sci-fi books) I've ever seen. Seriously, if you don't own it, but it! Buy it even ahead of my new releases. It's that amazing!

That said I doubt I'll ever do an official conversion guide. For one thing, Monte Cook is a huge fish, like a primordial barracuda, and I am merely a tiny, obscure little indy-RPG carp. So I doubt I'd ever get official permission to publish something like that, and definitely not as a for-profit book. Of course, if by some chance Monte Cook or his staff is reading this and has a different opinion, I'd be ecstatic to hear it.

However, I don't really think a conversion guide is necessary. Numenera is so rules-light a system that you can probably do half the work yourself. For example, the "X" is a "Y" who does "Z" descriptor system for character creation could very easily be converted to build the iconic characters of Otherverse America. Maybe you'd need some new qualities here and there, but most of the work is in the description itself.

For example, here's probably all the work I'd really need to do on an Otherverse America hack of Numenera:

"Dr. Julie Riddle is a (pro-choice) (Nano) (with shapeshifting hands)."
"Hiemdall is a (heavily armored) (Glaive) (who defends his allies)."
"The Ghost of Babies past is a (terrifying) (Glaive) (who kills women)."
"Fairfax Dacoveney is a (charismatic) (Jack) (who leads armies)."

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