Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Mecha of May

Okay, I just put Battlechangers: Ironworks up for sale at, with a cover price of about 8 bucks. It came out beautifully. Not only was I able to commission some truly outstanding art for this book, I was able to find some excellent robot artwork on Shutterstock to round out the book.

So Ironworks came out stunningly well illustrated, and was one of the most fun projects I've written in a while. The whole thing is a love letter to Transformers, especially the current IDW comics.

I'm really hoping that this goes to number one on RPGNow and counting on you folks to make it happen.

What's next?

More fucking robots.

John Picot fucking loves robots, and not a single word in that phrase is exaggeration. He just sent me a 90% complete manuscript featuring a new mechanical race called the Tesujin for Black Tokyo, as well as tons of art for the book. That means you'll be seeing the Tesujin fairly soon- this is a race John had been pushing me to include for a long time, and it begins our introduction of overtly cyberpunk elements to Black Tokyo. So if you've been wanting to run a porntastic Major Kusanagi vs The Overfiend type campaign, gear up for it.

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on a print on demand compilation of all my tech books, titled Technology Unleashed. I'll send the manuscript and art files on that one to Mark in a couple more days and he can get to work laying that beauty out.

After the techno-crunch is said and done? I'm in the mood for some more Otherverse America, Heavy Future and Psi-Watch stuff.

Blessed Be,


Andrew Antolick said...

I have finished reading Ironworks, it is not a love letter, but a declaration of sheer affection carved into a moon. Great foundation building and connot wait to see Battlechangers across your settings. One question, what are the rules for take primitive form based on magical creature type?

+Could one tech book be about new discoveries, such as special materials and ranged attacks that could be converted into new weapons?

+What does POD mean again?

+DO you want to talk about FEMA sponsored training invasions over Sunday cartoons or if it is possible to convert your settings to cypher system, via Numenera?

Chris A. Field said...

I'll reply to the last here and the rest in the next post. The whole 'secret military take over of Texas' rumormill is in full bloom. The night of the Garland shooting I had a very, very crazy/creepy conversation with one of the nurses in the ICU at the hospital I work at.

I went into the ICU to empty their trash, and while there I was talking to one of the nurses,a guy named Bruce. He always seemed normal, nice guy. At one point, he asks me if I'd seen anything about the shooting in Garland.

Of course I have, and boom, out comes the anti-Muslim crazy. Maybe incidents like this is the "REAL REASON" Obama is doing military exercises in Texas (that's a whole other set of nutjob right wing conspiracy theory) I tell him I'm more afraid of Christian terrorists than I am Muslims, and as an aside these two particular Muslim terrorists were like Beavis and Butthead with exotic beards. It was not some brilliant scheme they hatched- walk in the front door shooting and get smoked by the cops.

And he's like "what Christian terrorists?"
My reply: Oklahoma City, all the abortion clinic bombings and shootings, gay bashings, ect.

Meanwhile, another nurse, this one an older blond woman (whose name unfortunately I don't know) walks over just as Bruce replies that "OK City wasn't to get rid of the abortionists. And there's only been one shooting."

I raise an eyebrow and notice the blond nurse giving Bruce the stink eye and replies indignantly, "One? There's been dozens of shootings and bombings."

So good on her, I'm digging this pro-choice nurse chick. "I think there's a google search in your future." I tell Bruce.

And I'm trying to extricate myself from the crazy train as I'm saying this.
"And they kill 125,000 a day anyway." This come out of Bruce's mouth and I'm lost. 125K What? Terrorists? Muslims, oh no. He's talking about little babies. Arrrrr.... where he gets 125K a day from I dunno, because when I left i found a calcuator and that works out to 46 million a year, and I don't think that's anywhere near plausible.

And at that point I'm like "I'm walking over THERE now. Bye."

What the fuck?