Thursday, June 11, 2015

Up Next: Rapists of Black Tokyo, Culture of Choice and Something Quick

Well, something I've noticed is I'm putting out better illustrated and more complex PDFs but fewer of them a year. That's partially because I've got a stable full time job now and I don't need to keep on the spalt-book treadmill to provide income.

On one hand, I'm doing better work, but on the other I really miss my huge product count of the last few years.

Right now, I'm waiting on last artwork from Amanda and Vic Sihane and Culture of Choice will be out. That's the big, revised Choicer feats book I've been working on. I'm also revising four of the most common Choicer player races like I did in Black Operators. You'll see new versions of the Fluxminx, Softlings, and Ubasti. The Dreamborn Mau get revised as the radically more customizable and interesting Pagan Born, which are basically demi-gods.I'll be revising the Half Grey later, in a Lifespawn related sourcebook.

I'll preview some of them next time.

Next, I've got Anthony Cournoyer to do some new monster illustrations for Packaged Nightmares: The Rapists of Black Tokyo. Unfortunately, he won't be able to start the project until the 15th of June, so short delay on this book. However, once it comes out, it'll be big and pretty, and much of the art will eventually find its way into Black Bestiary II, whenever that one comes out.

I also want to do something quick. Any suggestions for a shorter PDF?

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