Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last Art for Culture of Choice Coming Soon

Well, I just got the flat colors for the racial illustrations that I'll be including in Culture of Choice. These are Vic Shane's flat colors (he'll be adding shading and highlight layers later) of the Ubasti, Fluxminx and the new Demi-God species.

You've seen the Ubasti and the Fluxminx in prior products, but the Demi-Gods are new. They're an evolution of the Dreamborn Mau race- this mysterious breed of Choicer superhuman that might actually be quasi-divine, or might be a product of some kind of cutting edge 22nd Century tech. I'm designing them with elements similar to both Black Tokyo's Kami, and Psi-Watch's Military Post Humans. Like those two races, the Demi-Gods have a lot of modular, selectable abilities that allow wide customization on a mechanically strong framework. Players can make these guys into anything they want, pretty much.

Expect the final art, and the finished Culture of Choice probably next week sometime. After that, some you'll be seeing some Heavy Future and Black Tokyo content.

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