Saturday, October 31, 2015

Culture of Choice Up Today!

Well, Culture of Choice is finally uploaded and ready for sale today! It's been a great book to work on and it's a nice satisfying book to get out after the Tournament of Rapists fiasco.Right now, I'm working on an Apex sourcebook in a similar vein, and after that, I'll have a Lifer specific sourcebook. I want to do Apex first, because as a faction they haven't received enough love, and I like the idea of giving mixed Choicer/Apex parties some mechanical support. Next time, I'll show off the revamped Courier race.

In the mean time, take a look at the sell text for Culture of Choice.

Culture of Choice is a complete revision and rethinking of Otherverse America’s talents and feats, making this unique, military sci-fi setting fully compatible with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

Culture of Choice focuses on the Choicer Covenant and the pro-choice, feminist and militarized pagan nation’s iconic powers and abilities. Soon, similar soucebooks will delve into the factional talents of both the Lifer Army of God and the United States Fed-Gov.

Detailing the races, traits and superhuman feats available to Otherverse America’s Choicer heroes, this sourcebook is the definitive guide for building heroes…or adversaries… for this war-scarred, neo-pagan cyberpunk campaign setting.

Included in this comprehensive sourcebook:
  • Racial histories and statistics for the Fluxminx, Softling Healer and Ubasti player races, now fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • The introduction of the all new Pagan Born and RAINBOW Tribe player races.
  • Alternate Human race traits for Human heroes native to the setting.
  • Suggestions on importing races from other Otherverse Games settings into Otherverse America
  • Hundreds of new traits for Choicer heroes, including new supernatural and spell-like abilities which introduce magic to the setting while retaining its 22nd Century flavor.
  • Every Choicer-specific feat and power published to date, revised and expanded.
  • Powerful new feats like Legendary Weapon of Choice, Bastian Divinity, Point Defense Flames, Threefold Bitch and Flight Capability allow you to build more powerful, more capable and more interesting heroes than ever before.

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