Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fun Little Project: Adventure Princesses

So while working on my major releases, I got an idea, found some applicable stock art, and just this morning, put out a new short sourcebook.

The high concept? It's fucking brilliant: Disney Princesses as a Pathfinder RPG player race. You all know cartoons and anime are huge influences on my writing, and I'd been wanting to do a Disney Princess class for a few years now. The other day, I was fooling around with some other projects, when it hit me. I could explore that concept as a player race.

Blame the Afro-Futurists and Leather Clones (which I've previously previewed here).

If I could create a pair of races that were genetically human, but so radically different in terms of culture they had different in-game mechanics and powers than baseline Humans, and drew on some particular literary and artistic tropes, why not do the same for Disney Princesses? After all if I could base an entire player race around the artistic tropes of Tom Of Finland, why not do the same for Snow White?

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the way Adventure Princesses came out and I just uploaded the book to RPGnow. Its a completely all-ages book, which I like to do from time to time, just to keep everybody off balance. I'm kinda hoping it turns out to be a best seller, because it was a very fun little book to work on.

Also some more good news. I received my copy of the Ascendents, Vol 2 from Amanda Webb last week. This is the volume in which I have an 8 page back up story. You can follow the links on Amanda's website to purchase this TBP. However she just told me that one of her local comic shops, Vault of Midnight, in Grand Rapids MI has ordered a few copies of her books for their store.

If you're a Michigan native, you might want to stop in, or check out the Vault's online store.


Blessed Be,