Saturday, November 28, 2015

Say It Again: Abortion Providers Are Heroes.

One of the major themes of my writing- the whole cornerstone of my Otherverse America campaign world in fact- is this: Abortion Providers Are Heroes.

I was away this weekend. Completely disconnected- I hadn't gone on line or watched the news since Wednesday night. I was up in San Antonio with some good friends, eating a huge ass Thanksgiving feast and binge-watching season 1 of The Flash on Netflix. It was a great weekend, until I got home this afternoon and logged on.

I saw that Friday night, some grizzly bearded, hillbilly, Duck Dynasty-looking subhuman walked into a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, CO and killed three people and wounded nearly a dozen others. The Colorado Springs facility, by the way, was one of the ones targeted by those lying, duplicitous bastards at the "Center for Medical Progress" in their doctored ambush videos over the last six months.

So once again, the talkers in the anti-choice movement continue to preach from the pulpit- to call damn good physicians and medics baby-killers and worse. They talk, and they talk, they pass bullshit laws like Scott Walker's restrictions on abortion access in Kansas or Texas' equally vile laws. And the talkers talk, they preach, they spread blood libel to a nation all too ready to believe their terrorist, misogynistic horseshit.

And eventually, one of the doers has heard enough. He (and it's almost always a "he") picks up one of his 27 guns, and goes down to the local abortion clinic and better people than he will ever be die bloody. Just like the talkers wanted, but didn't have the courage to do themselves.

But you know what, enough about the anti-choice scum bag. Let's talk about the good guys.

People working in facilities like the one that got hit yesterday night are heroes. These are women and men who withstand a constant barrage of legal harassment, cultural warfare and propaganda stings and literal demonization by Christian pundits and power-brokers. Many places, as  the clinic in Colorado Springs is said to have installed, include bullet-proof high security safe rooms, because being an abortion provider is incredibly dangerous, incredibly risky. And they do the job anyway- protect and help women at their most desperate, at their lowest point, despite the threats, the harassment and the very real risk of being murdered.

Thank you.

Hey, if you can afford it, make a donation to Planned Parenthood Colorado or a similar group in your area. Tonight, more than ever it will help.

Blessed Be


Angela Black said...

Damn skippy. And thanks for saying it!

Michael Irons said...

It is not about being anti-choice. Its about having an opinion about what is life and standing by it. How would you like to have your stance called anti-life? Is it horrible what happened? yes. But, I do believe in universal karma and Godly justice. I am pro-life because God is. Even if there were no God, I would still be pro-life because science is absolutely wrong about a human being in a womb has to met certain criteria to be considered human. A human life, other than the sperm cell, starts at conception. Conception is but 1 of the many stages a human being has to past through from life to death. I mean, I know of NO human being that has been able to skip the conception phase to show its irrelevance to what it means to be a human being.

Angela Black said...

Philosophers and scientists and who knows else think "human" is a complex term and definitely don't think it's easy to draw sharp lines, but some guy on the Internet has it figured out, so everyone take a day off, guys! Some guy on the Internet has it figured out! Thank goodness for some guy on the Internet!

So, seriously, educate yourself - starting here, because I think reading actual books on the subject might be getting ahead of ourselves:

Or, alternately, just go fuck yourself, you superstitious yokel.