Saturday, October 1, 2016

Black Tokyo Heroes!

 Today's all about new artwork for the upcoming Black Tokyo player guide/character option compendium. There are several pics I'm keeping in reserve, but today I thought I'd spotlight several new pics I revieved this week.

First up, a more human-looking Nekomusume school girl by John Picot. I'm also going to be using the catgirl student image you saw as the cover for the short Back to School in Black Tokyo sourcebook, as well as some other art to illustrate the race. Catgirls are such an iconic part of anime, and such a big part of the campaign setting, I want the race to be well illustrated.

Next we've got another Picot image, depicting a Daughter of Kirin in action. This joins the more static Amanda Webb art I already had for the race, and shows a different side of the character.

Next, another John Picot character: new art for the
Dhampir race. Gothy, demon hunting half-vampires.
Perfect fit for Black Tokyo, and I'm including a lot of riffs on half-demonic or possessed anime heroes & heroines like Hell Teacher Nube, which adds to the Dhampir's original inspiration in the cinematic version of Blade.

Next: Amanda Webb's pencils for the Dodoma racial illustration. I wanted a modern image of this character, and I'd always have had a badass Dodoma street racer character in the fiction. Time to finally get an illustration of her! I'm liking how this rough image is turning out.

 Finally, an image of a Futakuchi adventurer kicking demon ass. I'm thinking I'm going to use a variation on this piece rather than this actual image in the book, but it's pretty close to finished.

Next time, some rules excerpts, maybe a full race reveal or two!

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