Saturday, October 29, 2016

Upcoming: Blackest of Heroes

Hey, I'm only a handful of images away from my release of The Blackest of Heroes, which is the title I decided upon for the Black Tokyo character guide. Among these is a sketch of the revised Bloodstrong Men, which will get a new Vic Shane illustration. Shown here's the very rough pencils for the character.

I'm also currently working on a magic item/spell sourcebook for Heavy Future. I'm going to add new magic items and similar content intended for Otherverse America and my Battlechangers stuff to this sourcebook as well. I've basically decided I'll be putting out a follow up to my Technology Unleashed and Occult Tech Armory sourcebooks that isn't quite as all ages, and is more campaign specific.

I'll post up a preview of some of this content in a couple days.

Blessed Be,


Andrew Antolick said...

Have you seen this trailer called Laser pope? Link is below:

TV head 2.0 or a Heavy future war priest, both?

just had to show you this

Chris A. Field said...

Half man, half machine, all Pope. It's ROBOPOPE! I'll have to see if I can track the finished movie down, I've got a soft spot for trash scifi.