Monday, November 7, 2016

Blue State Texas

Vote tomorrow.

Especially if you live in Texas.

We almost turned Texas into a blue state two years ago when Wendy Davis ran for Governor. Even taking into account the handicap posed to Democrat politicians by decades of Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression, we almost turned Texas blue. It was a close race, and even though Greg Abbott (who BTW, is an utter and complete piece of shit) won a hotly contested election, he was business as usual as far as Republican candidates go. Abbott didn't, with the opening speech of his Presidential campaign, manage to slur roughly 60% of the population of Texas as rapists and murderers.

So vote tomorrow if you're a Texan Democrat. Notice I do not suggest voting tomorrow if you're a Texas Republican.... unless you pull your head out your ass, do what little you can to salvage the respectability of your party and cast a reluctant vote for Clinton.


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