Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cover Rough: Fursona Unleashed

 After a fairly long delay, I began the final work on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game incarnation of Fursona, which I'll be titling Fursona Unleashed. I chose this title because it ties in with Technology Unleashed, as well as the fact, considering the subject matter, the pun works.

I'm putting the finishing touch on the spells and magic items I'll present in the book. I'm also working on a relatively short campaign guide/city book built around Fursona. I do not know yet if the campaign guide will be sold as part of Fursona Unleashed, or if it will be a separate, stand alone release. What I can tell you is it focuses on a free city named Saint Mipple, and is heavily, heavily inspired by the classic TaleSpin cartoon.

Yesterday I commissioned a cover from Anthony Cournoyer, who recently provided the cover art for Keith McBlane's Fursona 5E. (A quick and easily cleared up miscommunication is why the top image his the words Fursona 5E roughed in on the top of the page.) As you can see his rough sketch is going to be pretty kickass. Here's the image description I sent him.

Cover of Ult. Fursona
The cover is two Anthros locked in combat, and reflects the fact the soucebook focuses equally on fantasy and high-tech campaign settings. The two combatants are battling in a natural environment of some kind- maybe a winter forest with snow falling around them. The two combatants are:

The Armored Bear Anthro from the Fursona 5E cover makes a reappearance, swinging a massive axe. Instead of the small hand-axe he had on the prior cover, give him an absolutely enormous, magical weapon. The exaggerated, heavy head of the axe resembles a stylized lion’s mane, and it’s crashing down right beside the High-Tech Rabbit, probably scraping sparks against the Rabbit’s armor.

The Bear’s opponent is a High-Tech Rabbit Anthro. The High Tech Rabbit is wearing futuristic powered armor with brown and white hull plating, giving it a forest/winter camo pattern. The High-Tech Rabbit is blasting away with a gun built into the wrist/gauntlet of his armor, just missing the Armored Bear by inches. The armor’s helmet is semi-transparent, allowing you to see some of the Rabbit’s face beneath the helm; the armor includes hardened plastic ‘sleeves’ for the Rabbit’s ears covered with black mesh on the front, like stereo speakers.

(I chose to make a power armor wearing rabbit the adversary in this image as a homage to the fearsome Independent Lapine Republic in the Albedo comics and RPG setting- even though those guys never fielded powered armor, they were a dangerously effective sci-fi military.)

In other news, I'm collecting art and adding a few last items for Enchantments of Black Tokyo II as well as the Heavy Grimorie. Expect all these books soon.

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