Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Book of 2017: Neon in the Dark

My first product of 2017 is an example how a product can change slightly in the gap between intitial idea and publication. I originally intended to title this player's guide to the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting as "The Blackest of Heroes", emphasizing the horror-side of the setting, and the visceral, body-horror intensive nature of many of the powers. Instead, John Picot turned in a bright, beautifully superheroic image for the cover, and I decided to rename the book Neon in the Dark.

I decided this title emphasized the PC heroes of the setting are literally light in darkness, superheroic, bright spots of hope against the utterly horrific badguys of the setting. In any case, Neon in the Dark ended up being 217 pages of very dense, very fun content. I just put it up at and it should be up for sale as soon as the cache refreshes.

I'm aiming for more projects this year than last. Right now I've got the manuscript for Enchantments of Black Tokyo Volume II completed as well as a manuscript for a revised and expanded Heavy Grimorie, for the Heavy Future setting, nearly complete. I'm also nearing completion on a similar and as-yet-untitled collection of Battlechanger magic items. (Basically, I've been working on all these gear books near simultaneously). I'm also finally satisfied with the draft of Ultimate Fursona and will start gathering original artwork for that one soon, though I've already got tons of usable stock.

So look for that and a little bit more this spring, if all goes well. Meantime, the sales text from Neon in the Dark.....

Anyone can be a hero.

Anything can be a weapon.

The Black Tokyo Campaign Setting is built upon equal measures of anime homage, hentai in-jokes and traditional Japanese folklore and the dangerous world’s heroes are some of the most diverse in gaming. Daring catgirl ninjas walk the shadows with the half-alive children of vampires or the mournful ghosts of women who died during childbirth. The seductive school-girl corpses of suicide might team up with hulking Oni to battle other dimensional horrors, or to challenge a local Yakuza gang for dominance of the back alleys. Minor goddesses might pilot transforming mecha into battle against (or alongside) lithe monks whose bodies are covered in 108 all-seeing eyes. Filth-licking ghouls and heavy industrial robots share the urban night with enslaved catgirls and glamorous sex androids whose origins are far more magical then their assemblers like to admit.

Neon in the Dark: The Strange Heroes of the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting is the definitive guide to building characters for the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting. Inside you’ll find details on the myriad races native to the setting. Unlike other campaign worlds, the heroes of Black Tokyo will likely be monstrous and strange. There are several Outsider and Undead races to choose from, as well as an assortment of created races created by occult techno-magic or supernatural engineering. Unique powers such as shapechanging, flight and innate magical talents are common.

After you meet the player races available in this setting, you’ll discover an assortment of unique traits and feats for Black Tokyo’s heroes. Learning the right talents will let Black Tokyo’s heroes shapeshift into fairy-like animal forms, transform their bodies into sexual weapons of war, slip between worlds and more effectively battle the myriad horrors unique to the setting.

Finally, Neon in the Dark closes with an assortment of unique cultural templates. Adding one of these templates can turn an ordinary hero (if there is such a thing) into an internationally acclaimed Idol, a resolute Samurai, or even a hapless (but cute) Love Magnet, or more.

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