Monday, January 28, 2008

Prepare for the Deluge

Okay, good news on the upcoming releases front. Black Tokyo is almost completely laid out, and ready for sale! I personally can't wait to see the additional art Anthony added to the project. The previous draft, with just mine and Amanda's artwork was a pretty attractive product, and now that Anthony's onboard it can only look better.

After than, I'm going to be releasing D20 Decade: the 1980s. This, as mentioned previously, was a solo project. I did everything from writing to art to layout, so in alot of ways it was also a great learning experience for me. Take a look at the cover I put together.....

This garishly colored beauty should be in your hands within the next few days. It will be released almost immediately after Black Tokyo hits. My reasoning for this is that I don't want simply to be type cast as 'the hentai guy'. Where Black Tokyo is an adults only product, D20 Decade: the 1980s is an all ages campaign option, heavily inspired by 80s action movies and cartoons. It's alot lighter work.

After that, I'll be releasing Guide to the Known Galaxy for the Otherverse America campaign setting. I just put the final touches on the script, ran everything through a final spell-check, and I'm putting together art for the project. I'm doing some of the art myself, but hope to roll over some of the profits from the previous releases to comission some additional art for this bad boy. So, (shameless plug here), the more copies you buy of Black Tokyo and D20 Decade: the 1980s, the better Guide to the Known Galaxy will look.

On the freelance front, I've got three advanced classes, from the Dept 7 Advanced Class Update line on deck for Skortched Urf Studios: the Skele-teen, the S.L.A.M. Soldier and the Voidsparrow. Not sure exactly when those are coming out, but I'm looking forward to 'em, espeically to seeing what kind of art is included with them.

When I work for hire, seeing the art the client comissions is probally the best part of the whole experience. It's like getting a present. When you get an artist who makes your words really come alive its a pleasant thrill, and I've always been really satisfied with the detail Anthony packs into his designs.

I've also begun doing some work for Reality Deviants Publications. Look for the Urban Avenger, a very competent, dangerous vigalante for modern crime camapaigns, and the long awaited Heroic Robotics sourcebook from those guys. Heroic Robotics will be a product I'll probally refer back to in other products. With its rules for building customized, highly diverse Robot PCs, Heroic Robotics is going to fit in very, very nicely with Psi-Watch and Otherverse America. You aren't going to require Heroic Robotics to enjoy either of those settings, but H.R. adds something to the experience.

Also, just before blogging this, I sent off the first draft of three advanced classes for a Post Apocalyptic, Mad-Max style campaign world Reality Deviants is putting together. It was alot of fun designing this trio, and I really enjoyed writing the over the top, pulpy intro fiction for each of 'em.


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