Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Post

My name's Chris Field, and I'm a freelance roleplaying games writer. I've done some work for LPJ Designs, Skortched Urf Studios, Tabletop Adventures and others. I've recently begun publishing games of my own, for the D20 system, under the Otherverse Games banner. My first release, Black Tokyo is inspired by hentai (sexually explicit, horror intense) anime.
BT will be released within the next few weeks.

I'll also be updating this blog whenever I get a chance, usually once or twice a week. Art, details on works in progress, links to some of my friends' websites, and other fun stuff will be coming soon.

Chris Field

Oh, my birthday is tomorrow (actually, it's today, since it's past midnight), so Happy Birthday to me.

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trollsmyth said...

Welcome to the RPG blogosphere!

Black Tokyo sounds rather intriguing. I look forward to hearing more about it.

- Brian