Wednesday, January 16, 2008

D20 Decade: The 1980s

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've been working on my 'eighties' project while I await the layout for Black Tokyo. Right now, the writing is pretty much done, though I may add a few short essays about 80s life or new feats, or other minor improvements as the mood strikes me.
The text is around 75,000 words long, split evenly between nonfiction elements and game rule information.

Since I was expecting this to be a 30K word project at most, I'm a bit suprised myself. I had to narrow the focus a bit. This book will focus on Cold War espionage, urban crime and 80s style modern fantasy. It's a pretty good overview of the Eighties but it doens't cover everything. I'm not sure I could cover all the various 80s genres even with another 80K words.

Right now, the crunch includes 6 new advanced classes. Highlights include the Spymaster, which is a James Bond style spy, the Druglord, which is a Scarface styled Colombian kingpin. On the modern magic front, you've got a class called the Casual Angel, a young and innocent defender of the poor and children.

There's going to be a bunch of new feats, new spells, and a bunch of new player races. Like the rest of the fiction, the new player races are split between mutant Cold Warriors, an after the bomb mutant race, and a bunch of modern fey.

I've had the following movies running as 'back ground noise' as I've written the project: Red Dawn, Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, Robocop, Friday the 13th, The Warriors, Labyrinth, and Moonraker. That should give you some idea of where my head is at with this thing.

I'm going to be doing the art for D20 Decade: The 1980s myself, and I'll be posting some samples here, as well as starting a Deviant Art account of my own. Now, I don't consider myself a great artist; I figure I'm a writer who can do some halfway decent art. I'm including my own peices because they're fun to do, and by doing the art myself I can fill the pages with beautiful color for no cost.

I had initially intended to include a big collection of 80s guns and vehicles, but that section was cut for space. If D20 Decade does well, I'll publish a followup down the road, which will be a 80s gear-book (which would include everything upto and including stats for the Space Shuttle), also including magic items inspired by 80s fiction and videogames.

Likewise, if D20 Decade is well recieved, I might do similar projects for other decades, with the 1960s and 70s being the first on deck, adding additional content in a similar vien. I'd also like to do a WWII project of my own, and that would be the main meat of any future D20 Decade: 1940s.

Talk to you later.

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