Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upcoming Release: GTKG

The Guide to the Known Galaxy will be releasing within the next couple of weeks, and I thought I'd include some preview art and commentary here. I've done all the art myself, working dititally in Corel Photopaint 9.

This first image depicts two of the setting's iconic characters- Cassie Andra Feneris (Crucible) and Steve Mortari (Facade). Originally the focus of the Otherverse when it was a comic, I've decided these two, along with the other two members of their strike-team, the New Power, will pop up often in adventures, in game text and across various Otherverse America releases. It won't always be obvious where you'll see these iconic characters- trying to find all their appearances and peice together their backstory (which is indicitive of Otherverse America as a whole) will be a pretty big part of the line.

Right now, these two are depicted in all their superheroic, post-human glory, and are a pretty damn good example of the kind of Player Characters you can build with the new Lifechain Feats (basically semi-divine superpowers) included in the Guide.

This pretty motherfucker right here is a member of the Stonecutter alien race, who are pretty much THE major galactic power in the setting. Imagine the Dutch East Indies trading company at the height of its power, or an interstellar version of the Spanish Conquistadors, and you've got a pretty good idea of what this species is all about. They're incredily strong, durable and capable of very limited shapeshifting, each member of the species is incredibly wealthy thanks to their well-run, post scarcity economy (something I dearly wish we had right about now) and they're a couple of milleniums higher tech than humanity. There's alot to love about the species, both from a storytelling and a power gaming perspective.

Finally, this last image may not be very worksafe.

Give you some scroll down space.......

A bit more....

That is The Genesis, and he's a God (Capital G) in the best Jack Kirby sense of the word. He's the living incarnation of high technology, innovation and man-as-creator, and because he's a god, he doesn't have to wear pants if he doesn't want to. And he never wants to....

Anyway, that's some images for you guys to mull over.

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