Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working hard on the Guide....

Just a quick post. Right now, I'm finishing up Guide to the Known Galaxy, so I'd thought I'd give a status update.

I'm putting together the last few pieces of art for the product, and out of a 170-page manuscript, I've actually laid out about eighty pages or so. I'm just starting on the chapter dealing with Lifechain mutations, which are basically very, very screwed up superpowers which genetically link player characters (and monsters) to the 'epic level' threats of the setting. It's sort of a high tech, superheroic take on Lovecraft or the idea of demi-gods. Kinda cool, and I think you'll all like it.

I'm doing the art myself, and like all my projects I'm using Corel Photopaint 8 to do the art. I picked this program up about five years ago, and I'm comfortable and familiar with it in a way that I'm not with the Adobe graphics programs. I've tried finishing my art in Photoshop and I'm never satisfied with the results, since by now I'm so used to the Corel interface. Anyway, look for some art previews here soon, as well as the actual release pretty quickly.


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