Friday, April 3, 2009

More Influential Than I Thought....

Just a quick post. I'm on vacation this weekend, visiting my mother up in Kerrville TX, where I'm writing this with a minor concussion from a gardening accident.

I am still working. I've got about 120 pgs of good material for the APEX sourcebook, which I'll get back to on Monday. But that's not the reason I'm posting.

I'm a bit more influential in my selection of stock art than I thought. About two weeks ago, Mark and I put up Giants in the Earth, which is illustrated completely with public domain illos of various dinosaurs. I just saw this product,which is a stock art collection using the same dinosaurs I did.

I noticed the same thing. In the weeks after PSI-WATCH came out, which used alot of art from Louis Porter's Image Portfolio, I noticed a bunch of other supers products using the same stock art.

It's flattering to see that people are reading my products and respecting my choices enough to follow my design lead- plus it gives the producers of stock art packages a bit of free exposure.

Let me say the names of some of the stock art collectons I've either used or plan to use:

Louis Porter Jr Image Portfolio
Anthony Cournoyer's Shaman Stock Art Packages
Art by Shinkei, Sci-Fi and Fantasy images (which I'll use in APEX)
Sade's Stock Art
Richard Spake military stock art (another one which will be in APEX)
Dark Sphere Productions

I've also been trying to convince Amanda Webb that she should put a stock art collecton of her own. If you agree, or if you're a game publisher who needs some work done fast, cheap and at high quality, you can find the contact informaton for her on her website, over to the right hand side of this blog.



Louis Porter Jr. said...

Tell her to do it!!! It can be a gold mine!!!

Mandapandarawks said...

Oh man, I really want to! I could use the money and the fact that it would get my name out there ... it's SO crazy busy having a baby though! Everyone complains of how little time they have; I'll get off my ass and do it here, soon!!

Chris Field said...

Amanda, defiantly do it! Put out a mix of genres, styles, and creature types, and you'll have a real niche on the stock art market. One of your strengths is costume detail, and the cultural detail that goes with it, so play to it.