Saturday, December 25, 2010

Art Preview: More Races

Here is Amanda's design for the Ubasti- a race of genetically engineered 'working' lions that serve with the Choicer military. As smart as a human and strong as a lion, wiht incredible senses, these guys are excellent soldiers and scouts- imagine a police dog that's actually sentient. They'll be migrating to the core book

too, because they're such a fun concept I wish I had thought 'em up in time for the original core release.

Also shown are the Couriers, a race of geneticaly engineered, teleporting supersoldiers originally from the now out-of-canon APEX sourcebook. They're going into the corebook, alebit in slightly tweeked form.

The Full Conversion Cyborg race will probally be illoed with stock, but one thing I want to get- probally from Amanda but maybe from one of the other artists I've been wroking with, mostly depending on Amanda's schedule- is a big illo of all 11 of the races of the game, standing together like a police line up. Paizo has a similar illo in Pathfinder, WoTC illustrated the races in Forgotten Realms the same way. It's a neat way to show the relative scale of the different races and through the costume detailing, I can show a bit more of the world.

Anyway, talk to you later

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