Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Art

Happy New Year, everyone. I thought I would preview some new artwork I've got coming in. This image depicts Life Tank, a powerful full conversion cyborg anti-abortion terrorist. I'll be using it as the class illustration for the Closer Advanced Class. I've currently got it as my computer's background. The artwork is by Alex Garcia.

This image is of a suit of Choicer powered armor, by Amanda Webb. There's still some additional work to be done, but she's got a nice sleek design. It will be part of an action scene depicting a few Choicer suits going toe to toe with a massive suit of Lifer armor... Hell depending on how big Amanda feels like drawing the bad guy, it might be properly classified as a Lifer mecha. The funny things, I never really planned to have full-on mecha in the campaign- since they're too big and unwieldy for actual urban combat, but if she wants to put one in, go for it. Sometime plausibility has to take a back seat to AWESOME.

Finally, this image is also by Alex Garcia. It's a shot of a Choicer Clinic Defender, which will be used in the starting occupations/character backgrounds section. Right now, the guy looks like a fairly generic sci-fi foot soldier, but the coloring and detailing on his kevlar vest will make alot of difference. Enjoy it just as a cool shot of a futuristic solider for today though.

That's all for today. Next time I'll show you some art for the Vindicator Advanced Class and some more race stuff. Oh, look for some work for hire stuff my me coming fairly soon, and maybe a new Dept. 7 Advanced Class.

Blessed Be,

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