Saturday, December 25, 2010

Art Preview: The Races of Otherverse America

Right now, I'm getting some more art work in and thought I'd preview some of it, in various states of progress. Above are some character illos by Mark Hyzer. From left to right we've got a Neo-Witch Midwife in the midst of transforming her bionic arm into a different configuration, a Lifer Vindicator and a Lifer aligned fighter pilot. The inks and colors will be coming soon.

I'll be having Alex Garcia do some artwork for me. He actually got in touch with me last night and I'm glad of it. I've been wanting to work with him ever since I saw the character designs he did for Louis' Obsidian Twilight. Above are some rough speed-sketches he did of a Half Grey character and the Lifer terrorist, Life Tank. The Half Grey is pretty much good to go, but the Life Tank will need some extra work. I asked Alex to bulk up the guy's legs a bit, because I can't imagine this fearsome Lifer terrorist having cute little chicken legs.

This image isn't of a particular race, but it's a fairly definitive image of a Bastian soldier who has mastered the Bastian Metaform feat. Originally used in Coven of Bast, this image by Amanda will make it to the core book.

This is the Softling healer image that will either make it into the Core Book or into Sexually Transmitted Future. These creatures were originally geneticaly engineered slaves who were eventually freed and allied themselves with the Choicer Covenant (though there is a pretty large community of them in Lifer Atlanta).

This image of the Neverborn was originally in Neverborn Again, but will also migrate to the core book.

Right now, I'm waiting on a finished version of the Roe-Artemis duel, and another piece by Felipe Gaona showing a Dianic Rite priestess leading a worship service under the light of the moon.

Obviously, I'm awaiting the inked and colored versions of Mark Hyzer's sketches, and a few more peices from Alex Garcia. In addition to doing the Half Grey, he'll also be doing a racial illo of the Dreamborn Mau, and I'm very anxious to see what he can do with the tattoos on those guys.

Amanda will be doing a comic page or two showing a battle between Lifer and Choicer shell suits- can't wait to see that one, as well as some more character illos and artowrk for Battlechangers, my Transformers-homage game.

Jessica Block will be finishing up the art for Fursona, and I also sent along some Otherverse art I'd like to get from her.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The revised Otherverse America will be fucking awesome.

Happy holidays and blessed be,

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