Sunday, October 23, 2011

Working on Black Tokyo Legends

Right now, I'm working on the PFRPG version of Black Tokyo, and its turning into a bigger thing than I initially planned. Originally, I only intended to include 9 races and alternate racial traits (but not alternate racial favored class abilities, because I think coming up with a dozen of 'em for each race is too much work for too little reward, content-wise). Now, I'm adding in starting talents, feats, ect, as well as some of the Tatakama's deities and some basic world info.

I figure, eventually I release a proper campaign setting, along with a book of classes, but for right now, this will be a great start.

One thing I've noticed, as I'm working on it, is that this version of Black Tokyo focuses more on weird horror and slightly less on transgressive erotic. It's a bit more folklore intensive, and has a distinct flavor to D20 Modern Black Tokyo- BT D20 is louder, more shocking for the sake of being shocking. This is a bit more mythic. Of course, once I convert over the feats- especially really freaky ones like Scatological Armory (which turns you into a shit fetish version of Ben Grimm), that impression may change.

I'm going to use a lot of period ukiyo-e and shuna to illustrate the book, as well as illos by Amanda Webb and some of the usual crew. Using ukiyo-e is both a matter of affordability, and a stylistic choice.

Anyway, look for it soon.

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