Thursday, January 26, 2012

True Halflings Is Out

A couple of months ago I re-read the Hobbit, and it inspired me to re-do the Halflings' racial traits to closer mimic the Hobbits of literature. Anyway, it was a fun project, one I illustrated exclusively with stock art, which means it took only a long weekend from conception to publication. It's a fun little race book- you've got alternate racial traits, starting talents and even three sample True Halfling villages, built using the Cityscape rules. I fuckin' love those rules, and they've really got me excited about fantasy for the first time in a while.

I'm playing with the idea of putting together a "lifepath" or random event generator for Otherverse America. I've realized that OA has some metaplot, but it's mostly a sandbox environment.... here are the factions, here's some threats, some opportunities, some rumors of things going on in other parts of the's very much up to the players to decide where to go, which faction to ally with, and to define their own goals.

Hey, if you're playing OA, leave me some comments here. I'm very curious what you're playing.
1. Are you using D20 Modern or Pathfinder or are you just taking the ideas and concepts you like and porting them to another system? If so, which system and why? I myself have run Otherverse America using (in order) the Rifts engine, BESM 2nd, Aberrant and Mutants & Masterminds 2nd, in addition to D20 Modern.

2. Are your characters Choicer, Lifer or APEX aligned, or are they somebody neutral: mercs, criminals, cyberpunks, kids?

3. What classes comprise the adventuring party? Are you using the advanced and prestige classes from the corebook, or stuff from other 3rd party D20 publishers, and if so who? I know from my RPGnow account at least one guy bought my OA core book and Powered Hero class, some D20 firearms stuff from another publisher and the D20 Star Trek stuff from Amarillo Design Bureau. That's a campaign I definitely want to play in, by the way.

4. Any cool tales from the table?


Delta Maximus said...

One of my friends is really into your stuff. Do you think you could give a shoutout to PurpleXVI in one of your next books? He's particularly a fan of Otherverse.

Chris A. Field said...

Dude, send me PurpleXVI's character sheet, and I'll make him/her an NPC in an upcoming book. I'm at chrisfieldotherverse at

Psychomancer said...

That's really cool of you to do something like that for your fans Chris. Much respect dude!