Sunday, May 27, 2012

Furries Love Me!

I just released a very early playtest of my Masters of Endara setting, a 25 page free PDF entitled Monsters of Endara. I think you can guess what it's about.  As a result, I got  a pretty cool email from a fan who goes by Kodyax- big time fan of Fursona. 

He sent me a write up for a race he created for his home games using the Fursona system, and in addition, he's using the racial concept as his avatar on several furry forums and RPG sites. Very cool, and I'm glad to see he's having some fun with my stuff. 

Check out the Lupursyn race. 

As he described it they are a "combination of Lupus and Ursine they are a race of humanoid wolf-bears which is to say they look like grizzly bears with the heads and tails of wolves in a fully human like frame; based roughly on the amphicyon prehsitoric animal."

Order: Ursinis (pg 26, Fursona: The Definitive Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters)
Type: Medium Humanoid (Anthro)
Enhanced Senses: Low Light Vision, Scent
Racial Ability Score Modifiers: +4 Str +2 Con -4 Int -2 Cha

Racial Advantages
(For the sake of brevity, I'm omitting some of the Attribute Excellence and Substandard Attribute traits Kodyax stacked to make the character. Their final ability score modifiers are shown above.)

Natural Grappler (EX) +2 racial bonus to CMB and CMD
Natural Weapons (EX) claws inflict 1d4+STR mod slashing damage, considered armed and proficient while attacking. 
Unnerving Vocalization (EX) As a standard action, the Lupursyn can emit a mournful howl. All creatures within 60 ft who can clearly hear the character must succeed at a WILL Save (DC 12 + CHA mod) or become shaken for 1d4 rounds. Shaken targets become panicked instead.
Ferocity (EX) Can act as if disabled and remain conscious below 0 HP. 
Hard Dying (EX): Character only dies at negative 10+ CON score. Thus if the character has 15 CON, he would only die at -25 HP, not at the standard -10 HP. 

Racial Disadvantages
Hamfisted (EX) Your blocky fingers are unsuited to fine manipulation. Any task requiring manual dexterity, (writing, surgery, stoppering a vial, etc) takes twice as long to perform. Skill checks are at -4 if it requires manual dexterity.
Lone Hunter (EX)You are used to hunting alone and have no still at cooperation. You cannot benefit from the bonus provided by the Aid Another Action, nor can you receive a flanking bonus. However, you can use aid another yourself or assist others in setting up a flank.

Kodyax also included random height and weight charts, something I usually don't do. Very cool.
Male: 7' 10" 250 lbs 2d12 *5
Female: 7' 5" 200 lbs 2d12 *5
As written, the Lupursyn seem like a pretty kick ass race of forest dwelling brawlers, certainly appropriate for most fantasy campaigns. Anybody else got any cool anthro races they'd like to share?
Thanks again to Kodyax for the cool new PC race, 

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