Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming: Previews, Starting Occupations and Some Conversions?

 Okay, here's what's coming up from Otherverse Games!

First off, over to the right side of the screen we have a rough color study of the cover for Frontlines of Choice by Felipe Gaona. That luminous, alien red building? That's a Choicer abortion clinic, circa 2107. I cannot wait to see what the final version of this thing looks like. Felipe took my suggestion that the building be very organic and futuristic and ran with it in a completely unexpected direction.

Next, an inked picture of an arrogant Culture noble, from Psi-Watch, illustrated by Amanda Webb. This will form part of the cover to Forging Heroes: The Starting Occupations of Otherverse Games- my big, meaty, crunchy revision of the starting occupation rules from D20 Modern and D20 Future. She'll be joined on the cover by a Syrion adventurer and his StarDroid sidekick (from Galaxy Command) and a Choicer infantryman from Otherverse America.

I'm also working on a modern spell list, including rules on using Pathfinder RPG spellcasting classes (Sorcerer, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, and the ones from the Advanced Players Guide) in a futuristic or sci-fi setting. This one will have lots of info on using full, fantasy-style spellcasters in my four signature settings, especially replacing the nerfed D20 Modern spellcasters with full PFRPG spellcasters in Black Tokyo. That's going to be a little farther out, but I'd expect it before the heat of summer really kicks in.

I've also just sent a preview of the Monsters of Endara to Mark, for release as a free product. This is a mostly art-free 25 pager focusing on some of the monsters of the He-Man inspired Endara setting. Hopefully, it'll draw some attention to this setting. Plus, it's 25 pages of free monsters, so who wouldn't want it.

Finally, last week Curt, one of the readers here, emailed me to ask about converting some of my settings to other systems: specifically ICONS, Savage Worlds, and Mutants & Masterminds 3rd. I hadn't thought of it, but it's a damn good idea, and something I will probably explore in the near future. I've got M&M3 in PDF form on my computer, but I just ordered a print copy..... if I'm going to be working with a system, I need to have a hardcopy book in my hand to flip through. I'm actually getting more and more enthusiastic about a M&M Superlink version of Otherverse America, not to mention versions of Psi-Watch and Galaxy Command. (By the way, due to the content, Black Tokyo will remain a purely OGL product for the foreseeable future).

Blessed Be,


Chris said...

I'm all for you doing conversions if that's what you'd like to do, but I'd by far prefer you focus your time and creative juices on generating new content for any of your worlds.

-Chris Mattson

Chris A. Field said...

Chris M.-
I've got plenty of ideas for all four of my worlds, plus some general stuff. So you'll see a steady flow of new content for everything.

The conversions (especially for M&M 3) will likely take less time than an original new release. For example, if I convert over Otherverse America, I've already written the flavor text, already thought out the world. All I have to do is take a long weekend to convert the D20 Modern statblocks and concepts over to the shorter, more intuitive M&M3 statblocks.

Also, any particular world or concept you'd like me to work on first? I love hearing what my readers want to see.


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