Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abortion Providers are Heroes

When I checked the Abortioneers Blog today, I realized that three years ago today, Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed. His murder underscores one of the central themes of Otherverse America, and one of the central tenants of my political belief: abortion doctors are heroes who risk their lives everyday to help people in need.

That's it for today.
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Anonymous said...


I just read through your latest book, Nobility and Eros: The Noble Succubus, and I quite enjoyed it! I think that you've designed a great new PC race for Pathfinder.

As a freelance editor, however, I did notice a few rough spots. I wanted to point out the following errata:

I'd recommend that the Tantric Pool delete the line about having points gained remain until used. I'd set it that points are naturally lost after a short amount of time (an hour or so), as this requires near-constant sexual activity to replenish the pool...hence the Noble Succubus's heady sex drive.

The Crimson Wings power doesn't say what maneuverability rating her fly speed has. I recommend "good" in order to keep it in line with normal succubi.

The feather-fall racial ability needs to be activated as an immediate action, rather than a swift one.

The Healing ability is exceptionally weak. If you don't want it to take the place of normal healing, I'd say make it heal 1d4 hp per point expended. I suspect you gave it such a low amount because there's no effective limit on how often a Noble Succubus can gain, and thus expend, tantric points...basically allowing for unlimited healing. In that case, I'd say there simply needs to be an in-game reason why such healing is limited (perhaps her method of healing is different, and taxes a creature's biology, healing one less point of damage each time until it's healing 0 hp with each use).

By contrast, the infernal defenses power is too strong. Allowing three blanket immunities, for 10 rounds (which is a long time), all for one point is too much. At the very least, I'd recommend busting this down to a number of rounds equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

Other than that, I thought the book was inspired. Keep up the great work!

Chris A. Field said...

I choose to let the points remain in the Tantric Pool because I know there would be many situations where the N. Succubi would be lost in the wilderness, except for other PCs, and some groups aren't fond of inter-party sex and romance. Thus, even though she's surrounded by theoretically willing sex partners, she's still effectively celibate.

This way, when she's away from 'civilization' she can hoard a tiny bit of Tantric energy to at least maintain her starvation/thirst immunity. She can fully recharge her tantric pool when she hits the next town and bangs some NPC (which alot of groups just handle off screen.)

The I wanted the healing to be weak. Basically her healing power is the equivalent of the Stabilize (0 level cleric spell) at will as a racial ability. She can keep a character barely alive, or can pump in her full Tantric Pool and heal him for 5-6 HP, but to do any real healing you still need the Cleric, thus preserving that class' niche.

Good insight as always,