Sunday, June 17, 2012

Art Preview: Hiemdall

Here's Amanda's amazing inks of the Covenguard Hiemdall. I originally included this guy as nothing more than a name in the Otherverse America revised corebook. He was the Covenguard who got scragged by the 16th Ghost of Babies Past in Julie's present-day fiction. (And how made a non-speaking cameo during the Samhain fiction).

I realized that I wanted to include stats for a high level Covenguard character (this guy is CR 10, and is a fucking TANK) in Frontlines of Choice, so I decided to finally flesh out Hiemdall.

First off, he actually speaks, and second, we get full stats for him. Anyway, Amanda really knocked this image out of the park- this is easily the coolest inking job she's ever done. She actually asked me if there is a romance between him and Julie, and I emailed her back that was something I was leaving deliberately vague, but its pretty interesting that a relatively new iconic character was able to provoke that much of a response.

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Mandapandarawks said...

Oh no! If by "scragged" you mean "choked to death," that makes me sad! I already like this dude a lot, hahah!