Monday, June 11, 2012

Art Preview: John Picot

Hey, guys, here's an update on what I'm working on, and a preview of some kickass art from upcoming projects.

First, Forging Heroes (my starting occupation sourcebook) and Expanded Occupations: The Tube-Grown will be out soon. Forging Heroes totally revises the starting occupations concept from D20 Modern, and includes new starting talents for ALL my D20 Modern Campaign Worlds.

EO: Tube-Grown builds on this first book, and takes an in-depth look at one of occupations from Forging Heroes, the Tube-Grown. These guys are force-grown clones educated in virtual reality sims. If you liked John Bryne's Next Men or either version of Superboy (90s or New 52 flavored), you'll find tons of kick ass content in this book. Basically, at 15 pages, I turn one starting occupation out of about 50, and make it the hook for an entire campaign.

 EO: Tube-Grown is also the first project I'm releasing in partnership with John Picot, who does stockart under the name Shinkei

He's a fan of my stuff, and has basically agreed to work with me in a profit-sharing arrangement, rather than cash up front. He also works FUCKING FAST! These two qualities mean that my future projects will be extraordinary well illustrated.

Anyway, here's some preview images. The first two images will find their way into the upcoming Frontlines of Choice sourcebook, and present two radically different takes on the Neo-Witch Midwives of Otherverse America.

The final image is a WIP shot of what will become the "unlimited edition" of Black Tokyo.... it's actually the first image I've commissioned for the new Black Tokyo, and depicts two Tokyo Bureau of Mythological Sanitation workers killing a rogue cat girl. There'll be some changes to the image- mostly to the men' costumes.

Anyway, enjoy, and Blessed Be,


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed John's work in the Year of the Zombie materials by UKG; it's great to hear that you two are going to be collaborating on future materials.

In regards to the final image, I remember the part from the original Black Tokyo where it talks about how catgirl strays are basically hunted and euthanized. What always struck me as odd is how much of a waste that seems, from an in-game standpoint.

Black Tokyo's catgirls (and similar kemonomusume) seem to exist for little reason besides being sextoys. Now, they seem ubiquitous, but surely not EVERYONE has one. If that's the case, then wouldn't the guys from the Bureau of MS put the ones they hunt down to other uses? Personal sex-pets, donations to black market slavers, or any of a host of other ways to put a live catgirl to use - these guys are wasting free pussy (pun intended).

Chris A. Field said...

The cat-girl culling was mostly a lark of mine, but I'll keep the sex slavery aspect in mind in the revised BT. My original idea, and I'm not sure if it made it into the text or not, was the actual slave-trading organizations in B.T. would come down hard (read: messily kill) TBMS catchmen if they caught them selling their captured cat-girls.