Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Metaplot: It Will Always Be January 22, 2107.... an answer to Amanda

In the comments on the previous post, Amanda worried that I'd killed off Hiemdall for good during the Julie/Ghost fiction from the OA Corebook. I figured I'd put her mind at ease, and it would also be a good time to talk about the meta-plot of the Otherverse America setting.

Simply put: OA doesn't really have meta-plot. Unlike classic World of Darkness, or Rifts (during the Siege of Tolkeen era), there isn't an advancing timeline.Each sourcebook I write, now or in the foreseeable future will be set immediately before January 22, 2107. I figure that day, the Abortion War reawakens, and its up to the player characters to decide what direction it takes. Which side wins? Lifers or Choicers? It really depends on what faction the PCs side with, and winning or losing the War for their side will be up to the heroes.

So what happened to Hiemdall? Up to the local gamemaster. In the fiction, I left him unconscious in a Boston subway tunnel shortly after midnight on January 22, 2107. Does he die of his wounds, is he captured, does he pull through and after repairing himself, juryrigging himself to get back into the fight, does he meet up with Cassie and Julie? I figure that, like other mysteries, great and small of the setting is for YOU to solve.

Also, the cover to Frontlines of Choice, by Felipe Gaona.

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Mandapandarawks said...

Hahha thanks! I suppose I need to go through the little fiction blurbs more often to get a better idea of what is going on!