Monday, July 23, 2012

Psi-Watch Zero Issue

I just sent Psi-Watch Zero Issue off to Mark to post. It should be on sale by Wednesday or Thursday. Zero issue is pretty much a combination players guide/GM's guide for Psi-Watch. From the sale text of the book:

Psi-Watch: Zero Issue! is a player’s supplement for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. Back during the 1990s, zero issues of a comic book focused on the origin of the titular heroes or teams, and this Zero Issue! is no different. Zero Issue! includes tons of new character creation options. From American Indian superheroes to space-faring mercenary units, from ordinary people imbued with alien superpowers to Vatican black operatives, Zero Issue! will let you build impressive new Psi-Watch heroes.

            This sourcebook also includes tons of random character creation charts and plot hooks, to bring life to a Psi-Watch Campaign. Zero Issue! also includes:

  • Three new player races that expand the definition of Human,
  • Two new orders for the Fursona freeform character builder, and one new design scheme for Synthetic Heroes,
  • Four new Enhancement Protocols for Powered Heroes unique to the Psi-Watch campaign setting,
  • Dozens of new starting talents, allowing you to create even more diverse heroes- everything from grizzled Vietnam vets, mystical Native Americans, celebrity superheroes, Mutant Freaks, extraterrestrial Elves and much more.
  • 100 Psi-Watch specific adventure hooks finish Zero Issue off right.
The book's art is mostly by John Picot, with a few stock pieces to round out the illustrations. Over on the right is an illustration John did- it was one of the two potential covers. I ended up going with a different cover image (because T&A seems to sell, and certainly isn't out of bounds in a superhero RPG inspired by Image Comics), but used this piece as a full page illustration. As you can see, John was riffing on one of Rob Liefeld's coolest covers.

I should get the last art for Frontlines of Choice tomorrow, and should have it laid out by Thursday or Friday. After that, I'm going to do some Galaxy Command, as well as additional Psi-Watch content (how's a 'monster manual' in the vein of the Otherverse America Strikefiles grab you?), and get serious about Black Tokyo revised and Masters of Endara.

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