Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Working On: July 2012

Okay, here's an update on what I've been working on over the last couple of weeks, and a preview of some of my favorite new artwork. Up top we have sketch and finalized versions of the 14 year old Cassie Feneris, by Amanda Webb. This illo, and a sequence of other illustrations, all in the same black, white and crimson style, will illustrate the opening fiction of Frontlines of Choice. Cassie was one of the two heroines from the "Pro-Choice Wheel of the Year" novella from the Otherverse America Game Master's Guide, and the fiction in Frontlines expands on her origins a bit.

That book will be out soon. I'm waiting on 3 final pieces of artwork, and then it'll go to press. Frontlines of Choice had an interesting genesis- I started thinking of working on it while I was writing Trade Routes for Louis Porter Jr. That one turned out to be one of his better recent sellers, and as I expanded the caravan rules from Paizo's Jade Regent adventure path, I hit on the idea of using a similar rule set to create the clinic management simulation that forms the first chapter of Frontlines of Choice.

Next up, I've got an Alex Garcia piece, illustrating a Stonecutter merchant. this will be the racial illustration for the revised Guide to the Known Galaxy. That book keeps getting pushed back, because it will require so much original art I'm buying pieces here & there. Most of the creatures in GTKG are so unique and visually specific I can't get by with stock art. It'll be out sooner or later, though.

Finally, we have a John Picot illustration of an Image Comics-esque supersoldier. This illo will find its way into Psi-Watch Zero Issue. Zero Issue will be a huge support for Psi-Watch. I'm aiming for 75-10 pages... this book will include tons of new character builder options, new starting talents, campaign models and other crunchy goodness. Zero Issue also includes several Psi-Watch specific Enhancement Protocols for Powered Heroes, new Orders and Design Schemes for Fursona and Synthetic Heroes specific to the genre and the campaign setting. Zero Issue will also serve as the Psi-Watch Game Master's Guide, and like the Otherverse GMG, it will include about 20 rules modifications to tweak the campaign to simulate different kinds of stories, and 100 Psi-Watch specific plot hooks.

I'll preview some of the content here soon. Zero Issue should be out shortly after Frontlines of Choice- I like mixing my political releases with apolitical action-adventure content. It keeps the readers on their toes.

After that, what's up?
Well, I'm in a revise and revamp mood.

Sooner or later I'm going to put out an Unlimited Edition for Galaxy Command, probally starting with a Species of Galaxy Command sourcebook. Species of Otherverse America is one of my favorite recent books, and I want to give the GC races the same treatment, pull the best races from the various Galaxy Command releases, trim the dead wood and add some new races that fit other pulp/sci-fi/space opera niches. Expect a revised Galaxy Command Corebook sometime after the Species book hits.

I'll likewise be revising Black Tokyo, as I talked about last month.

On the new releases front, I'll be putting out sourcebooks focusing on Otherverse America's near Earth space. I'll start with a 50-70 page sourcebook on Solomon Station- the independent Lifer station out in Jupiter orbit. After that, expect looks at the Lunar nation, Diana, and the Muslim-dominanted Asteroid Belt region. I'll also put out a few more Psi-Watch sourcebooks, as working on Zero Issue has inspired me to do more stuff with the setting.

Should be a good summer.
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