Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zero Issue is Up, Frontlines of Choice Will Be Soon!

Okay, Zero Issue just went on sale, and I finished up Frontlines of Choice last night. FOC weighs in at 100 pages of awesome Choicer cultural details, new options for Clinic Defenders and Midwives, the clinic management sim, Choicer NPCs and pre-gen characters, and alot more. It should be a lot of fun, and is a good thematic book end to Ghosts & Promises: The Kodiak Island Sourcebook.

Ghosts & Promises is a Lifer army book, and Frontlines of Choice is a great look at one facet of the Choicer army.

Now, I'm going to put out a short racebook expanding the Shiftsteel Symbionts from Psi-Watch, because I really enjoy that race, and have some great art from John that I didn't use in Zero Issue.

After that, expect some Galaxy Command goodies, on par with what Zero Issue did for Psi-Watch campaigns.

Farther in the future, I want to do a faction splat for the Otherverse' Asatru Choicers. I touched on them in Frontlines and they'll be fun to expand into a full culture book. Basically they're Norse-flavored transhumanists, deliberately twisting the old myths to be inclusive, combat happy, cybered up, butch as hell BIG DAMN HEROES. They'll be fun to write and have as much a unique factional identity as the Bastians do. Plus, the art for 'em will be kick ass.

Anyway, enjoy the new books.

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