Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Things Finally.....

Okay, first and most importantly, President Obama was re-elected last night. I'm glad because I never want an anti-choicer elected to any position, and especially not that fuckhead Paul Ryan. Now, I mention Ryan, not Romney because throughout the campaign I got the impression that Romney believed in nothing. He'd say or do anything to win the election, because all that was important to Mitt was POWER for its own sake. It's like Mitt Romney has no idea what he wants to do with his life, except win the high score, and becoming President would be the capper in the game of his life. Ryan, on the other hand, seemed to genuinely believe all the hateful misogynist bullshit he spewed. So he's at least a man of principle, even if he is still a raging asshole.

Of course, now both men are consigned to the footnotes of history texts yet to be written. And all those idiotic "GONE 1-20-2013" bumper stickers I see on the back of F-350 Fords rumbling around town will fade in the sun, becoming nothing but mementos of the fact that that the driver's chosen pair of idiots lost. Granted they didn't lose big, but they still lost.

So what's going on on the work front? Not much these last two days actually. I spent Monday night and much of Tuesday morning trying to fix a glitch with my lap top. Fortunately, I'm pretty religious about backing up my files so I didn't lose anything I was working on. I did however, lose my research folder which contained hundreds of Wikipedia pages on Japan, which I was using for Black Tokyo. Those I'll have to download again, but no big deal. Tuesday night, I went out drinking for the first time in YEARS. I got good and hammered and watched the election in a dive bar- everyone cheered when their candidate's electoral college numbers went up, like it was a horse race. I was the only one cheering for Mr. O, however, though I do think I made up for it in spirit. Anyway, I'm nursing a faint hangover as I type this.

Up top, you've got the colored Beetelor image from the upcoming Anthros of Endara. Dan Brenus just sent this image along. He's also going to be doing 2-3 other images for AoE, which sould be out in a couple more weeks.

Blessed Be,

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