Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Upcoming: Anthros of Endara

What's on deck right now? Well, Expanded Occupations: Maids! should be hitting in another couple of days, and tonight I'm going to be laying out Anthros of Endara, the first official release for my He-Man homage Endara campaign world.

I've got most of the art in, and can fill in the few remaining gaps with appropriate stock. I'm actually including more content than I planned. In addition to rule info on the 'furry' (and scaley, and exo-skeletony) races of the setting, I'm including a preview of some character builder stuff for the humans and core races of the setting- some alternate racial traits and starting talents. I'll go back and expand those sections dramatically when the core campaign book finally comes out.

After that, expect Solomon Station before the end of the year, and another couple of Expanded Race mini-sourcebooks, similar to what I did with the Shiftsteel Symbionts. I've got the ER: Cityborn book fully written and am just waiting on art, and I'm writing ER: Nanofeasters right now. The Nanofeasters are kinda interesting in that I've used the same stock art for them in both their original appearance and in Species of Otherverse America. It'll be nice to finally get some art for those guys. Anyway, if you have any player races you'd like to see get their own short sourcebook, drop me a line and tell me which one and why you think it's cool.

I'll get back to Black Tokyo Unlimited Edition after Thanksgiving. I have also been looking at some of the art I've collected, but haven't released from Alex Garcia. I've got almost all the 'space gods' of Otherverse America illustrated. That means that sooner or later I plan to release a sourcebook cleaning up stuff from Guide to the Known Galaxy focusing on the Lifechain as a revised standalone, with lots of great new art. Right now, if I get a few more images, I could easily put out a sourcebook focusing on the space gods and the Lifechained feats themselves. Of course, getting art of all the monsters in the original Guide to the Known Galaxy is going to be pricy.

I might end up splitting the Lifechained book into two books: Lifechained Powers and the Lifechained Bestiary.

Anyway, that's whats on my plate right now.
Have a good holiday,

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