Thursday, November 15, 2012

Short Supplements for Black Tokyo

Hey, guys I'm working hard on Black Tokyo's Unlimited Edition. In the last couple of days I've added some new heroic factions to the world- a community of anime styled Catholic demonslayers based out of Nagasaki, and an anti-death penalty investigatory group run by Kitsune. They are pretty bizarre and awesome, and either faction makes great backers for a group of player characters.

I'm putting out a couple of expanded occupation books in support of Black Tokyo Unlimited. The first, Expanded Occupations: Sumotori went on sale today. It's a 10 pager focusing on the sport of sumo and includes some neat starting talents, and even a few magic items for sumo wrestling heroes.

After that you've got Expanded Occupations: Maids, which is basically going to turn Black Tokyo into sexy harem comedy. It's a pretty sweet genre book, which will be well illustrated with cool new art. This one will be bigger than EO: Sumotori, though I don't quite know by how much yet.

Expect these, and Anthros of Endara out soon.


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