Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Preview Images: San Francisco 2107

I just got this image last night, it's an inked and colored version of Rhinehart Tower, by Amanda Webb. It'll be illustrating the San Francisco citybook.

Right now, I'm about 95% done with the text- I might add in some micro fiction when I get the final art in, which should happen in the next week or so.

After that, I'll go to press with the SF Citybook.
Beyond that, I've got another Space Monsters entry and the Nemesis Bestiary, which is a Pathfinder fantasy version of the same concept on deck and ready for release. In addition, there will be an upcoming Free20 book for the Galaxy Command setting.

The Niishima Inn adventure went on sale a couple of days ago, and already has a five star review at RPGnow, which I'm gratified by.

I'll soon  be releasing some more Black Tokyo content, this time focusing on Black Japan rather than the Tatakama side of the setting.

Right now, I'm not working on any thing in particular. I'm playing around with doing a Legion of Superheroes inspired sourcebook for Galaxy Command, offering monsters, settings and character options heavily inspired by the Legion. Basically, right now, I'm focused heavily on putting the finishing touches on SF 2107, and I know I'm not going to get much more meaningful work done until that's out, but I may suprise myself.

Oh, on a related note, Louis Porter Jr got interviewed in the latest Pathways magazine. He mentioned that the strongest fan response he ever got to one of his books was the reaction and internet nerd rage that ensued when we published Choice and Blood together. It was gratifying to see he remembered the book, even though he doesn't really do D20 Modern support anymore.

He mentioned being told he was going to hell for the book by one of the turds on, which considering what I remember about that site sounds right up their alley, and also mentioned he got death threats over it. That suprised me- I never heard about that- though he did share with me the cease and desist "take the D20 logo off the cover of this thing, FAST" letter that WOTC sent him at the time. That letter was fairly mild, as I got the impression that the WOTC staffer who wrote it, as a gamer himself, had no real problem with the book, just needed to cover his boss' asses. So we took off the old D20 logo, put in the new LPJ Design 3.5 OGL logo, which I still use to this day, and that was that.

What's funny is how much controversy Choice and Blood generated at the time, and how comparatively non contrversial the far more extreme, and equally abortion-centric Otherverse America Campaign Setting was when the first edition came out about 2 years after Choice & Blood. I think at that point the gaming public realized, hey, I like writing about the subject, and I'm not going away, so either avoid it or buy it.

Anyway, talk to you later,

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