Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geisha, Dhampir and Other Strange Things

Expanded Occupations: Geisha just hit at RPGNow. It's a short PDF exploring both modern and historical geisha. It's illustrated purely by awesome photos from Wikimedia Commons- though it was a very quick and simple book to put out, it's great looking.

If you pick it up, take a look at the layout and formatting. I'm thinking of using the same font and layout choices for Black Tokyo Unlimited. The font used is "flat earth scribe" and has a nice faux-Asian look to it, and I liked the mostly brownish layout. It contrasted well with the vibrant photos, and will work well, I think with the similiarly vibrant BTU.

Having taken a look at the old D7 Species Update file, I'll be releasing several of the races as short PDFs, in the vein of True Halflings or Noble Succubi. The Dhampir is first up, and I'll finish the book tonight. After that, I'm going to do a fallen angel type race and maybe a few other concepts, some of which will be very applicable to Black Tokyo or Otherverse America.

Speaking of Otherverse America, after I finished up with EO: Geisha, I did EO: Block Mothers. It's a 10-pager focusing on the Block Mother segment of Lifer culture- basically street vigilantes with Uzis who protect the Lifer Enclaves at the same time they're raising huge families. Interesting character type, really, and I like to switch up between doing Choicer and Lifer sourcebooks.

Anyway, hope you like what I've got for you this month,

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