Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reality Intrudes

Since 2008, I've worked at Whataburger, first one in Corpus and now one in Kerrville. Pay's crap, but better than most service industry jobs. No benefits, no respect from either coworkers or the general public, and tons of stress and responsibility without any actual authority to back it up. Anyway, I'm tired of it.

Life's been getting progressively harder, and it seems like it gets harder to live on what I'm making every month- add to things like computer repairs, bike repairs and a week off due to a workplace injury, not to mention another week closure to remodel the store and it gets even rougher. All those things happened in the last 6 months or so, by the way. Fuck, I'd like to go a month where I'm not turning in rent late, and where I can go get dinner in an actual restaurant once in a while without having to plan 3 weeks of finances around the excursion.

So I'm actively looking for another job. I just applied and turned in a resume for an assistant manager job at a CVS Pharmacy in town, and hopefully I'll get it. I sucessfully navigated their fucked up hiring website and did their online personality test-thingy, and I made good contact with the local hiring manager. I also applied for an assistant manager gig at a near by Pizza Hut. Things went less well. Not 30 seconds after I turned in my online app and resume, I got an email from the company saying they 'didn't have any positions that matched my qualifications'. Thanks, fuckers, that shit does wonders for the old self esteem. So Pizza Hut can go fuck a piping hot deep dish.

I'm also looking into a job in the kitchen of the local VA hospital- same job I do now, but they pay between $13-15 an hour and have excellent benefits. I'm not up to the challenge of the federal hiring online portal tonight though.

Anyway, wish me luck.

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