Friday, June 7, 2013

New Toy: Transformers Prime Wheeljack

Well, I bought a new toy on Wednesday. I was at Big Lots to pick up some new bowls, and found TF Prime: Wheeljack on sale for about eight bucks.I see it, and my first reaction is "oh, fuck yes." I'd seen this toy online and it looked great, and now having had a chance to play with it a little I'm even more impressed.

There's something wonderfully tactile about Transformers toys- figuring out how to transform the thing, finding all the little secrets and moving parts never gets old. This is a good one- Wheeljack is amazingly posable, with as much articulation as most of the Marvel 3.75 inch figures, and he stands about five inches tall at the head, though the decorative prongs on the back add a bout another half inch worth of height.

The Transformers Prime character designs are great- for the most part, the designs are instantly recognizable upgrades of the traditional G1 looks. This toy is instantly recognizable as not only Prime Wheeljack, but G1 Wheeljack, and even bears a decent resemblance to the Autobot's current chassis in the IDW "Robots in Disguise" series.

The twin swords are cool, and given their extreme curvature and thickness they seem more like twin scimitars than katana, though I wish 'Jack had been equipped with some kind of energy weapon. The character is the Autobot's armorer, and I would of enjoyed seeing him backed with some huge-ass sci-fi gun.

Speaking of his role as an armorer, I really find myself enjoying the sculpt of the toy's hands. The hands are non articulated, and posed in the standard c-shape to allow Wheeljack to hold his blades. However, the sculptor added some nice detail on the joints and knuckles. Wheeljack's hands look dexterous and intelligent- I can believe these hands capable of building the Dinobots or assembling a laser blaster. Its an odd thing to focus on, but the simple details etched into the hands really please me.

Anyway, TF Prime Wheeljack is a kickass toy, and the next time I'm there I want to see if I can pick up the Ratchet.

Blessed Be (and Till All Are One),

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