Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Tokyo Unlimited: FINISHED!

Two nights ago I finished Black Tokyo Unlimited and sent it to Mark for final edits and uploading to RPGnow. He'll put together the front and back covers for the print edition and have it out soon, unless there are any major problems that need a re-editing. I don't think there will be, but you never know.

So Black Tokyo Unlimited is finally finished. I've been working on it intensely for several months now, and I'm excited to have it out. I know BTU will be a huge seller, and get some critical attention for me, though I doubt this 2nd edition will be as viscerally shocking as the first release of the world. It's definitely the largest and most complex book I've worked on since 2011's Otherverse America Unlimited Edition, and I was a bit nervous laying out what will be my first independent print on demand book I've had a few other print on demand books: Against the Darkness by Tabletop Games, Dangers & Discoveries and Trade Routes by LPJ Designs, and even a couple of true ISBN-based print releases: The Mother Of All Treasure Tables by Necromancer Games and the Koboldnomicon by Dog Soul Publishing, but this the first print book I've done myself, and that's an emotional milestone for me.

The book is fucking huge. The onscreen edition is 264 pages (261 pages of content, minus the front cover, credits page and OGL listing), and the POD version is about 40 pages shorter, though includes all the same content. The page count difference is due to the wider margins on the POD version, though I did use slightly smaller art in the POD version than I did in the on-screen version. I'll considering changing my default margins on future PDF releases too, in the interest of brevity, because the wider margins don't seem to impact readability or layout attractiveness too much.

What's going on now? Well, I've been recuperating basically. Just sitting around watching anime, relaxing for a couple of nights now. A fan of mine contacted me with some questions about Sentai Sequel and I put out a corrected version of the file with some needed eratta. Mark will be putting the updated file on RPGnow in a couple days. Just a note to all my readers, if you come across a game play error in any of my files, or something that's just not clear, please, send me an email at

I'll do my best to clarify and get out a corrected or eratta-ed version of the PDF. I won't release updated versions for minor typos, misspellings, duplicated words, but will do so to correct problems that make gameplay more difficult.

Tonight I'll be starting on a freelance project for Louis referencing the Ultimate Campaign by Paizo Publishing. While working on that I'm doing a Mutant sourcebook for Psi-Watch with John Picot, and I've already sent an Expanded Occupations: Children of Gaea sourcebook to Mark, that provides new options for a Sentai campaign. EO: Children of Gaea uses existing art from other projects only, but looks great and is a pretty fun, Capt. Planet inspired sourcebook.

After that, who knows. I will probably do some more Psi-Watch stuff, and some follow up Black Tokyo content, but I don't have anything planned at this point. Sooner or later, I'll get started on a Boston citybook for Otherverse America, and as soon as I get the last art I need, I'll put up Closed: Monsters of the Army of God, a huge threat roster for O.A. If you've got any projects you want to see me tackle, include your suggestions in the comments section of this post.

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