Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heavy Future is Up!!!!

Heavy Future just went on sale at RPGNow. Heavy Weapons, which details the spells and weapons, will be up in a couple more days. I'm waiting on a few last pieces of art and it'll be good to go.

I have also made the original Galaxy Command campaign setting free- at about 4 years old, it's probably generated all the sales it's going to, and in many ways, this book has been replaced by the artistically superior Races of the Command Fleet.

Over the last year, I've been using Galaxy Command as a general spine on which to hang other genres of sci fi..... sleazy, pornographic adventure in the case of Heavy Future, or Silver Age, Legion-inspired superheroism in Action Galaxy. Galaxy Command itself is a somewhat generic space opera setting, which gives me a lot of flexibility. I can remix elements as desired to capture specific genres of sci-fi, and still take advantage of the basic work on the core setting.

Plus- gamers get a free, big, fun core rulebook for D20 Modern/D20 Future, which they can easily import to Pathfinder if they want.

So tonight I'm going to put the finishing touches upon Heavy Weapons, after that, I will complete a couple of future Heavy Future releases- Dirty Galaxy (which focuses on inanimate threats, like diseases or traps) and Expanded Races: Erobots.

I want to finish these ones off, and then do some fantasy- I want to play with Amanda's setting a little, and I'm already working in the background on my Endara campaign a little more.

I'll give some previews and more details a little later,

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